Cryptocurrencies go up on the good news

14 March, 2019

Cryptocurrencies go up on the news on Ethereum and XRP

The main cryptocurrencies are growing up slightly on a number of positive news regarding individual digital assets. So, for example, full support for Ethereum appeared in the Abra wallet, and now application users will be able to directly translate cryptocurrency from third-party addresses.

In addition, Trust Wallet began to support XRP, and its customers were able to conduct operations with this cryptocurrency and purchase it using credit cards. And the company Ripple will allocate $ 100 million for the introduction of blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

On all these positive messages, the Bitcoin rate, according to Libertex, increased by 10.00 per day by 0.18% - to $ 3,843 with a overall market cap of $ 68.7 billion. Ethereum rate by this moment has risen  by 0,23% - to 131,1 dollars, its capitalization has made 14 billion dollars. XRP rate increased by 0.96% - to $ 0.311 with a market cap of $ 12.9 billion. Litecoin per day added 0.72% in price and rose to 55.2 dollars, its capitalization has risen to 3.4 billion dollars.

The overall capitalization of the digital currencies market has reached $ 134.4 billion. According to forecasts of financial experts, the growth of the virtual currency exchange rate will be quite short-term. In the future, they will again switch to a decline: in the near future, Bitcoin can become cheaper to $ 3,800, Ethereum - to $ 130, XRP - to $ 0.3, and Litecoin - to $ 54.

Cryptocurrency: Ethereum
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