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Name ZBG
Founded July 25, 2018
Brief ZGB cryptocurrency exchange is the flagship website of ZB Global. Its team operates one of the biggest international trading platforms, and has done so for over five years.
Last updated: Monday, October 14, 2019 6:00:02AM UTC
Volume 24 hours, USD: 533 196 073
Volume 7 days, USD: 5 203 224 653
Volume 30 days, USD: 23 996 826 886

ZBG general information

General ZBG facts, technical details and general information about ZBG exchange

ZGB cryptocurrency exchange is the flagship website of ZB Global. Its team operates one of the biggest international trading platforms, and has done so for over five years. In that time, they gained hundreds of engineers and millions of users around the world.

ZGB itself, however, is only a little over one year old, being launched in July 2018. However, the exchange managed to climb through the ranks rather quickly, despite the fact that half of its existence was during the harshest crypto winter that the industry had ever seen. ZGB's trading volumes surged, and it is currently quite an impressive exchange.

The platform even has its own native cryptocurrency, known as ZTCoin, which has a fixed total supply of 500 million units. Further, the exchange also offers a mobile app for Android and iOS systems, which people can use even if they only have their main ZB.COM account.

ZGB has been optimistic about digital currencies even during the harshest bear market, which is why its team worked hard on development, listing new assets, and providing a great trading environment for its users. It offers strong security measures, including 2FA, for the traders' protection.

In fact, its system will offer to configure security via the Google Authenticator as soon as the user registers. Apart from that, the exchange also features an excellent customer support service which can be contacted via a form at the bottom of the exchange's main page.

ZGB is also available in seven different languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, and Turkish. This significantly helps its cause to attract investors and traders from all over the world, and provide them with a safe, comfortable trading environment.

The exchange also has quite the offering, with over 250 trading pairs. It features zero deposit fees, but unfortunately, the only accepted payment method is Crypto-to-Crypto. With no support for fiat currencies, ZGB cannot pass as an entry-level exchange. It also does not offer margin trading at this time, meaning that those who enjoy trading with leverage won't find what they are looking for here.

The exchange does have withdrawal fees, which are at around 0.001 BTC/0.02 ETH/5 USDT. There are no discounts on fees. It also features transaction fees, which are at 0.10%, which puts them significantly lower when compared to the industry's average of 0.20%-0.25%

ZGB is committed to creating an inter-connected exchange alliance around the world, and it uses the ZB.COM technology system. It is based in Hong Kong, and its current trading volume is at around $850 million.

Benefits of using ZGB exchange:

  • Numerous listed altcoins
  • Over 250 trading pairs
  • Based in Hong Kong
  • Low trading fees
  • No deposit fees
  • Very popular exchange with a good trading volume
  • Multi-language support
  • Security-oriented
  • Good customer support
  • Has its own native token


While ZGB may not be a good entry-level exchange, nor does it offer margin trading — it is still pretty good for an average crypto trader who already has coins in their possession. It is a centralized exchange, which might be an issue for some traders, but it has a great number of trading pairs, it is based in a crypto-friendly Hong Kong, and its trading fees are lower that the industry's average, with deposit fees being non-existent.

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