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Name MXC
Founded 2018
Brief By decentralizing Smart City data acquisition and ownership, we’re increasing data movement trust and allowing everyone to get active in their city progress.
Last updated: Monday, August 10, 2020 6:00:04AM UTC
Volume 24 hours, USD: 283 535 899

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General MXC facts, technical details and general information about MXC exchange

While there are many major exchanges, with well-known and respected names that have users around the world, it is important to remember that they are not the only ones out there. All too often, crypto users tend to forget that there are smaller exchanges that offer just as much, and sometimes even more. Unfortunately for them, they never managed to break through and become go-to platforms for the majority of the world's crypto users.

One such exchange is MXC, also known as Matcha.

When it comes to MXC exchange, it claims to use a high-performance mega-transaction matching engine technology, which allows it to provide better trading conditions for its users. Transactions are conducted faster, and it is easy for its users to find buyers or sellers of specific coins.

And, while we are at the topic of coins — MXC offers quite a few of them, with 159 trading pairs in total. Not only that, but it also currently ranks as the sixth-largest exchange by trading volume in the last 24 hours, with a total volume of $844.22 million. It also has its own native cryptocurrency, known as MX, which has a total supply of 970,440,032.39 MX. This, of course, comes after several coin-burning events, where the exchange burned a total of 2,029,559,967.61 MX.

Unfortunately, this exchange comes with quite a few drawbacks, such as the lack of support for fiat currencies, as well as the lack of margin trading. It does have a mobile app for Android and iOS alike, as well as a web version, and a desktop app for Windows.

In terms of fees, it offers a rather standard deal. There are no deposit fees, while trading fees are at 0.20%. As for the withdrawal fees, they are different for each individual coin. Also, there are minimum withdrawals which also differ from crypto to crypto.

In terms of security, MXC seems to be relatively well set, claiming that its assets are actually protected by two top-level security companies, known as Palmim and Knownsec.

The exchange's platform is rather user-friendly, which makes it good for novices, provided that they have already obtained cryptocurrencies somewhere else, since it does not allow buying them with fiat. Once you do get your coins, however, you can transfer them here and start trading. There are two versions of the platform — standard and professional. Traders can choose the type depending on their experience and the amount of trading and analysis tools that they need.

Benefits of using MXC exchange

  • A great selection of altcoins and trading pairs
  • It has its own native crypto
  • Standard trading fees
  • Seemingly good security
  • No security incidents reported so far
  • High daily trading volume
  • Advanced matching technology
  • Offers mobile apps, desktop app, and web version
  • The platform is user-friendly, and it comes in two modes
  • Good customer service available via the live chat


In the end, whether or not MXC is a good exchange is up to the traders themselves. It is not a good entry-level exchange since you can't deposit fiat currencies, but it does seem to provide quite a large offering when it comes to altcoins and trading pairs. It has regular fees, and it appears to be quite popular, with the daily trading volume being pretty close to that of Binance itself.

With advanced trading tech and security seemingly being covered by two professional security companies, this exchange certainly seems safe enough, and with good trading features, so it might be worth a look.

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MXC (MXC) volume change (24h)

MXC volume change 24 hours 16.54%

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