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Name Hotbit
Founded 2018
Brief There is no precise information about the place of registration of HotBit, but this centralized cryptocurrency exchange presumably operates from China.
Last updated: Saturday, July 11, 2020 3:00:03PM UTC
Volume 24 hours, USD: 33 728 081

Hotbit general information

General Hotbit facts, technical details and general information about Hotbit exchange

There is no precise information about the place of registration of HotBit, but this centralized cryptocurrency exchange presumably operates from China. January 2018, the month when the exchange was established, is the only available piece of information about the origins of HotBit. 

Nevertheless, this platform is fairly popular among traders as suggested by its decent trading volumes and a place in the Top 30 on CoinMarketCap by the reported trading volume.

The daily trading volume at HotBit steadily revolves around $500 million while the monthly performance reaches a solid $17 million.

HotBit doesn’t support fiat currencies and operate on a crypto-to-crypto only basis. Traders are being offered a standard account with no option for leverage trading. It is compensated by the competitive fees. Both makers and takers pay a flat transaction fee of 0.1%, which can be deducted if the option to pay commissions with HTB, the platform’s native tokens which constitutes many trading pairs on HotBit, has been chosen by a user. Similarly to other cryptocurrency exchanges of this caliber, HotBit doesn’t impose deposit fees but takes the withdrawal fee in the amount of 0.001 BTC or 0.01 ETH.

To ensure a sufficient level of liquidity, necessary to carry out multiple orders in an instant, HotBit established the partnership relations with Wandarin Capital, a venture investment fund domiciled in the Seychelles Islands. The Blockchainer, the Shanghai-based multi-nodal incubator, is another significant partner of HotBit. As of now, the HotBit team also opened branch offices in more than a dozen other countries of the world in an attempt to expand its presence.

HotBit features six markets: BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT, ATOM, and HTB, comprised of 351 coins currently listed on the exchange. These cryptocurrencies form 710 trading pairs, among which one can find the coins that haven’t been heavily promoted, though still put up the respectable daily trading volume. It must be mentioned that HotBit recently announced its plans to make GRAM, the much-anticipated cryptocurrency of Open Telegram Network, available for trading in the near future.

When it comes to the provision of security, HotBit employs the customary 2-factor authentication for traders’ accounts, and the mix of cold and hot wallets, which store private keys offline, to ensure the safety of digital assets.

HotBit also affords users a chance to participate in different activities, the majority of which are devoted to a listing of a new cryptocurrency on the exchange.

Advantages of HotBit

  • Impressive trading volumes for an exchange that has been operational for less than two years;
  • An extensive list of tradable cryptocurrencies with some of the hottest new ones (a reference to GRAM) about to be listed;
  • The fees are below industry average with the possibility of cutting the taker/maker fees in half by opting to pay them in HTB. 
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Hotbit (Hotbit) volume change (24h)

Hotbit volume change 24 hours -16.70%

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