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Name DigiFinex
Founded 2018
Brief DigiFinex is a world leading digital assets trading platform, focusing on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. It was founded by blockchain enthusiasts and the core team come from well-known technology companies.
Last updated: Thursday, August 6, 2020 9:00:03AM UTC
Volume 24 hours, USD: 1 020 196 632

DigiFinex general information

General DigiFinex facts, technical details and general information about DigiFinex exchange

DigiFinex is one of the top-ranking digital asset exchanges around the world. Its name is short for 'Digital Asset Financial Exchange,' ane the exchange itself is owned by DigiFinex Ltd.

DigiFinex was launched back in 2017, which was a very prosperous time in crypto history. Digital currency prices were on their sharpest rise ever, the ICO trend took off, and a number of exchanges emerged all over the world. DigiFinex itself was founded in Singapore by Ned Kee.

It quickly became a world-class exchange, and ended up among the top 10 largest exchanges by volume. Even so, it remained relatively unknown, despite the fact that it is a major player in the digital currency space.

It serves around 180 markets right now, and it constantly keeps adding more. In fact, many believe it might end up becoming a second Binance. Its primary focus is on Asian markets, although it doesn't exactly discourage investors from other regions from participating. Its website offers an English version as well. Even so, traders from the US are not allowed to create accounts on it, and neither are those from Singapore.

Its developers are all passionate blockchain enthusiasts, and they are drawing experience from many tech giants, including HP, Baidu, Tencent, and others.  As such, the exchange is very transparent, and it offers a number of benefits, including its own native cryptocurrency, DigiFinex Token (DFT).

DigiFinex is also well-known for its advanced technology, which also includes a US SEC-level audit system, and exemplary technology architecture. It features great customer support, and overall smooth experience for its customers.

It is strongly focused on security, which holds the top priority. With all the hacking attacks hitting major exchanges in recent years, DigiFinex has made customers' security a priority, which is why it uses cold and multi-layer hot wallets. It also features additional security measures, and it provides its users with advice regarding how to handle their funds and increase their own security.

Another thing that makes DigiFinex stand out is the fact that it offers free deposits. Withdrawals, however, do come at a fee, which depends on the coin you are using. Maker and taker fees are also present, and they slightly differ from one another. Further, DigiFinex offers two types of accounts — General and VIP. They also support fiat currencies as well, meaning that DigiFinex can be used as an entry-level exchange, where you can simply deposit your fiat money via credit card. It does not support wire transfers, however.

Finally, its trading platform is rather simple and straightforward, which makes it easy for new users to understand. Those willing to join its referral program can get extra discounts by introducing the exchange to new traders and investors, who also get to benefit from joining the exchange that way. And, as mentioned, DigiFinex is open to users across the world, excluding Singapore and the United States.

Benefits of DigiFinex

From all we have seen so far, DigiFinex seems like a very approachable and great-quality exchange. Here are some of its major benefits:

  • Serving 180 markets
  • Increased security for customer protection
  • Excellent customer support
  • It has its own native cryptocurrency
  • Free deposits
  • Fees differ from one asset to another
  • Among the largest exchanges in the world
  • Serves customers from around the world (apart from Singapore and the US)
  • A big supporter of transparency
  • Rewards for participation in its referral program
  • Multi-language support
  • User-friendly interface


DigiFinex is a great exchange that primarily focuses on Asian markets but is also known for serving users from other areas. The list of benefits indicates that this is actually one of the best exchanges out there, even if relatively unknown. It certainly seems worthy of checking out, so if you are looking for a new place to trade, keep DigiFinex in mind.

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DigiFinex volume change 24 hours 8.42%

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