Omgfin Reviews & Comments 2021

I have seen a few reviews about omgfin. The following is my experience with omgfin. After creating account, my first impression of omgfin, they have a good design. The limit of 2 BTC for withdrawals a day is the same as binance for KYC unverified accounts. I tried deposit 55 USDT and made my first BTC purchase (deposit was quite fast). I placed a buy order for the first time and I received a warning that order over the threshold (after open ticket support I found out they did not allow orders to exceed 10% similar binance). After 5 minutes my order was completed. I have tried to withdraw btc to my wallet. The withdrawal process is quite fast (almost same time i waited from binance). Here are my reviews of OMGFIN Exchange platform. Pros: Beautifully designed, Low transaction fees, Granted a business license (EU licensed), Have many attractive programs like cashback, affiliate 15%, Quick withdrawals (unlike the incorrect reports I found online before). Cons: Support few languages, No direct customer support channel (my question took more than 1 day to be answered), Support less coins to trade (only big coin), I will continue to have the next review about omgfin in the near future.

Grome Tony   January 20, 2021  

Nice website design low exchange fee. I did a test i deposit 0.1 BTC and sold for USDT. Everything going good. I did withdraw my USDT and it worked. All people have their own view. with me they are good exchange so far.

Dany Kio   January 12, 2021  

Although Omgfin was launched in 2018, it seems that this trading platform only starts getting some recognition. The exchange itself operates out of Estonia, a very crypto-friendly country. It holds two licenses from the corresponding authorities: the first grants the right to act as a provider of currency exchange, and the second allows the provision of wallet services. The trading fees are low - only 0.045%.

Tiffany   January 1, 2021  

It is a complete scam. I sent ethereum there and the sell orrder doesnt get fulfilled. I decided to withdraw my money but no way. Withdrawal button not enabled for all assets. According to the button, it should be enabled 3mins after log in and I waited for more than 15mins on 6 different log in ocassion but it was all the same. I have sent a ticket to them in case, they can change my believe. Please stay away from the site.

Sunny   December 12, 2020  

It seems to be scam. Taker order don't get filled. There are fake orders. The moment you place a sell order even well below market price. all buy orders move below that. so you are unable to sell your token. Identical behavior when trying to buy a spot order, all market offers shift to increase price so your orders never get fulfilled in any of the scenarios. scam exchange, only bots trade, just generating fake volume for specific coins. probably UQC paid them to inflate their coin value. and it works. Stay away!

Rept   December 8, 2020  

try to trade but when you press trade for %100 of my holdings, the amount that the system calculates gives error and says "insufficient balance" the most dummiest site i have ever used.

omur   December 4, 2020  

It seems to be scam. Taker order don't get filled. There are fake orders.

Mat   July 4, 2020  

Are you be able withdraw your money form exchange?

guest   May 5, 2020

bİg scam. they stole my money.

burak   June 7, 2020  

This is a fraud platform, I cannot withdraw money from this exchange

einsstein   June 1, 2020  

OMGFIN is completely scam exchange. don't go near them.

Mike   April 7, 2020  

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