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LATOKEN Reviews for July 2024

LATOKEN Reviews Dai February 26, 2021
Have been trading on Latoken for few months, had some loosing days, some winning. Yesterday my account was locked and the reason for that from their "tech team" is because of order-book manipulation. Never heard of that, just another reason to steal users funds. Be careful, never keep your funds on Latoken.
LATOKEN Reviews LaInsider July 2, 2020
I work in latoken now and I think you should know some facts about this exchange. There was no one really successful IEO on this exchange, the real problem is that we almost don’t have active traders. Rarely we have more than 100 traders per day and I tell about liquid pairs. For IEO coins everything is much worse, actually on such pairs trades only exchange bots for money which pay clients. You won’t be successful if you make IEO on latoken. CEO buys traffic on exchange’s web site and make visibility on exchange popularity. While he lies to employees about the numbers, although it’s not difficult to find out the truth. Recently, for an attempt to discuss the number of exchange users with colleagues, one of the employees was fired. Our CEO is a scammer who lies to employees and customers, do not use latoken.
LATOKEN Reviews Epic_Holder June 19, 2020
I am fairly sure that there is no better token for trading exotic coins than Latoken. Apart from having a popular launchpad for exchange offerings, Latoken lists new interesting coins on a weekly basis. I am not a Bitcoin maximalist by any means, so I like to dig into different up-and-coming coins in search of that diamond in the dirt. So far, I have found five coins that gave me 1000%+ profit, three of them were featured on Latoken.
LATOKEN Reviews L0u1se June 14, 2020
In 2019, I have decided to switch from ICOs to investing in IEO, simply because I consider this type of investment to be more reliable and much faster in terms of the provision of profit. In other words, when buying coins through an IEO, you can flip them in a span of days or so, instead of having to wait weeks, if not months, for the ordinary ICO project to come to terms with a crypto exchange concerning the listing of their token. Latoken is one of the best platforms for IEOs, so I am sticking with it for a while, until some better launchpad comes to play.
LATOKEN Reviews Mauricio_89 June 13, 2020
Latoken is one of my favorite cryptocurrency exchanges because I love investing in new tokens, and this platform has a very active launchpad, which constantly features interesting coins with good prospects. I reckon that participation in an IEO is probably one of the most exciting things about crypto space. It's so rewarding when hours of research and thorough analysis, put into the process of IEO selection, pay off with handsome profits. Remember, that this is a very risky endeavor, too. So, invest responsibly!
LATOKEN Reviews 1abu10 May 25, 2020
LAtoken has been taking advantage of its Launchpad to the fullest extent as I have seen dozens of IEOs being conducted by the virtue of their fundraising platform. Therefore, if you are looking for freshly issued coins that are about to pump, then pay attention to LAtoken. Another big advantage of this exchange is that it admits US citizens which greatly enhances its pool of users. The withdrawal fee is slightly high (0.001 BTC), especially is a trader is operating with small amounts of crypto.
LATOKEN Reviews TradingSmoothly April 11, 2020
Right now, Latoken is definitely a go-to place if you are looking to invest in an up-and-coming blockchain project. The Latoken Launchpad has become fairly popular among emerging startups, mainly thanks to the favorable terms of listing and IEO conduction. Being a person who specializes in investing in new coins, I would say that Latoken is currently the best place for flipping them for profit. As for the other aspects of trading on Latoken, I haven't experienced any issues when depositing/withdrawing funds; the fees are also reasonable: only 0.1% flat maker/taker fee, plus it gets cut in half if you trade their native currency LA.
LATOKEN Reviews MyNameIsNoName March 21, 2020
I don't consider the Latoken Launchpad to be the best token sale solution out there in general - Binance lists coins that are way more interesting - but it still does the job of featuring new coins that might make themselves heard in the future. The trading platform itself is nothing to boast about, just a regular TradingView charting and a bunch of standard indicators. Enough for a part-time trader but certainly not sufficient for a professional one.
LATOKEN Reviews AlwaysVictorious March 19, 2020
Latoken is certainly a great platform for investing in IEO's, though I have also come across numerous complaints about the way it conducts business. People were writing about withdrawal delays, unresponsiveness of the support team, and latency hiccups. Of course, Latoken has its pros but, the way I see it, they don't outweigh the cons. Therefore, I would register on Latoken only if an IEO that might catch my fancy would be carried out on that platform.
LATOKEN Reviews Roberto January 24, 2020
Although I have heard many positive things about Latoken, most of which concerned its launchpad, which facilitates the purchase/selling of newly emerged tokens, as well as the attractive trading fees, I wouldn't place too much trust in this platform. First off, I have heard the rumors about the unhealthy environment within the company, specifically of the mobster-like behavior and attitude towards their employees from Latoken's top executives. Secondly, there have been many complaints coming from the users who accuse Latoken of delaying the withdrawal of funds for some silly reasons.

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