Huobi Global Reviews & Comments 2020

I have had a neutral stance on Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges in the past, but now, when the Chinese authoritarian government is starting a beef with the crypto community again, I reckon that it would be wise to opt for the trading platforms from Singapore or even some offshore zones. Right now, it is too risky to trust the platforms that could be shut down in an instant with your money.

RenatoTZ   October 27, 2020  

Is there anyone who still entrusts his crypto to Chinese exchanges? If there are such people, they should be barred from the crypto community indefinitely. Just kidding, but really, if you know some enthusiast who keeps on trading on a dump platform like Huobi Global, please do your best to convince him to migrate to another platform or he will lose his money sooner rather than later.

Outlaw Rick   October 7, 2020  

I have been using Huobi during a certain period of my trading career, and I can say with all certainty that is was an exceptional experience. I had a couple of instances when the platform interface had unexpectedly defaulted to the Chinese language, which was a bit annoying. The range of crypto assets and tradable pairs is quite broad with 88 pairs for ETH alone, and more than 280 listed currencies. I saw the rumors circling around about Huobi being allegedly involved in wash trading, but that would be its only flaw.

dontwa$tenoney   September 24, 2020  

I have come across some negative feedback about Huobi Global regarding the fact that the provider is domiciled in China, the support ignores the non-Chinese users and such. I wouldn't argue that these instances couldn't have occurred, but judging from my experience as a trader on Huobi Global, the exchange works seamlessly. In two years, I haven't come across any signs of incompetence, system malfunctions or withdrawal hiccups. So, when reading the complaints about Huobi Global, remember that there are many people who are satisfied with this exchange.

Freddy Moonshine   September 17, 2020  

I don't know if it just me, or does it happens to many people, but the support team of Huobi Global is as ignorant towards me as it gets. I have been trying to reach them for days regarding problems with the ETH withdrawal from my account, but just got the usual, "We'll get back to you as soon as possible with a solution." It took them ages to resolve this issue and reply to me. I suspect that there is some kind of discrimination of non-Asian users is going on at Huobi Global, though I wouldn't want to spread conspiracy theories.

Gilberto   September 9, 2020  

I have read somewhere that Huobi Global has been under investigation from the Japanese financial authorities. This news popped up a couple of months ago, but there haven't been any public announcements regarding the proceedings since. So, I wonder how's that going to be settled. Personally, I am not particularly fond of Huobi Global, mainly because of the high trading fees. Why pay 0.2% of the total transaction value, if I can get a much better deal on Binance? I guess, the question in rhetoric.

TomGainz   July 8, 2020  

I honestly can't figure out what people do to the Huobi Global support team that forces them to "ignore" their tickets or whatever. In my two years of trading on that platform, I have never encountered any problems with the support team, withdrawals, network freeze-up, etc. Everything always works smoothly and accurately as a Swiss watch. I reckon that the negativity comes from the loud-mouthed guys who just need some attention.

Seattle Finest   June 21, 2020  

Please forgive me if I might seem bias, but I think that a non-Chinese trader should steer clear of cryptocurrency exchanges like Huobi Global. The reason lies not in its functionality or liquidity. It lies in the fact that Huobi Global operates in the Beijing jurisdiction. I wouldn't want to become collateral damage in case the Chinese authorities decide to pressurize local cryptocurrency exchanges into some actions that would hurt me as a trader. And we all know that the possibility of that is quite high.

O$car   June 8, 2020  

Huobi cryptocurrency exchange is not the most flexible, but one of the most convenient tools to date. Statistics show that the volume of transactions on this exchange is one of the largest in the world, which means that your orders will be closed as quickly as possible. The exchange offers a user-friendly interface, mobile applications for all of the existing platforms, support for API functionality.

ArBDun   July 10, 2019  

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