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Bithumb Reviews

Bithumb Reviews Amelia April 5, 2021
I am not sure why, but the South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges have been extremely unreliable and ignorant of foreign customers lately. Maybe it has something to do with regulations or massive hacks - I don't really follow the crypto news from Asia - but Bithumb has been a huge
The exchange that promised so much, came up with so little. Their lax security is really annoying, and worrying, of course. Bithumb has been hacked before and will be hacked again sooner or later.
Bithumb Reviews Fire Jose March 19, 2021
I don't get why people are raising so much fuss about Bithumb choking on a few withdrawals on support tickets here and there. Hello people, you are living in a crypto space where no one can guarantee the safety of your funds, except for the hardware wallet. As for Bithumb, it is an okay-ish exchange that offers nothing out
I have spent around a month there and withdrew my funds because I was simply unimpressed.
Bithumb Reviews Niccccky February 24, 2021
Bithumb can be called a troubled cryptocurrency exchange. First, they suffered a massive hack in 2017, and got themselves messed in an investigation by the Korean financial authorities. Also, it is tailored to satisfy the needs of Korean traders, primarily because won is the only tradable
The support team is not very hasty when it comes to replying to the inquiries of non-Korean traders.
Bithumb Reviews Ronnie77 February 7, 2021
Bithumb has one of the most ridiculously complicated registration procedures I have even come across on the cryptocurrency exchanges. The login procedure is also quite tedious. I used to trade there when living in South Korea, mainly became the majority of trading pairs there are priced in the local won, which was convenient for me
But once I left Korea, I had to switch to another exchange because Bithumb isn't really adapted to the outside audience.
Bithumb Reviews Jimmy_Scientist February 5, 2021
Probably the only thing that I like about Bithumb is that there is no shortage of thrilling news about this platform. For instance, about a month ago, there was a suspicious occurrence when Chinese law enforcers had allegedly raided the Bithumb's office in Shanghai. But this situation seems to have
I have also heard that the company behind Bithumb wants to launch a regulated exchange platform in India, a country that is hostile towards crypto.
Bithumb Reviews Cau$alitie$ December 15, 2020
A couple of days ago, I read an article about the poor state of nearly all South Korean crypto exchanges - most of them are facing bankruptcy due to low transaction volumes. Since Bithumb is based in that country, it left me wondering whether this platform also
However, it holds the 6th position in the Top 10 crypto exchanges with the monthly trading volume of $33 billion, so I guess it is doing fine. In addition, Bithumb can't boast a state-of-the-art security system which opened the gateway for numerous hacks.
Bithumb Reviews Greg December 3, 2020
Bithumb does a really good job of rubbing it in your face that the platform has been tailored for the Asian traders. I mean, their mobile application hasn't even been properly localized to the English language, and that absolutely all trading pairs are priced
I guess it's a good thing that Bithumb it totally under the heel of Korean financial regulators, but their negligent attitude towards non-Asian users is repellent.
Bithumb Reviews DerpyHugo November 13, 2020
I totally agree with one of the previous commentators that Bithumb is the kind of crypto platform that always manages to find some trouble. In the latest news, Bithumb has problems with taxes as the state taxation agency has handed its management a bill for
Apparently, this event raised a big scandal since foreign investors were unaware of Bithumb's tax situation when they bought shares in the company.
Bithumb Reviews $tayCrypto October 31, 2020
I have recently read an article about Korean crypto exchanges being on the verge of bankruptcy. I wonder if that includes Bithumb. In any case, I don't find this platform particularly credible since it has been hacked numerous times and the exchange locks up traders' money
Besides, I had a poor user experience with Bithumb: the platform kept logging out whilst I was engaged in trading; the interface is a bit weird, and I had trouble communicating with the support.
Bithumb Reviews Moses Meloun September 28, 2020
I don't understand why people complain so much about Bithumb, as if all other cryptocurrency exchanges
Excuse me, but I have been dealing with such terrible platforms, where support and customer service had been virtually non-existent, that Bithumb looks like an absolutely normal trading space, compared to the mess that I had to endure. I have a small deposit there that allows me to trade some exotic coins, and everything has been running well so far.

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