BiteBTC Reviews & Comments 2020

We now have a sequel in the thriller called "How scammy is BiteBTC?" At first, the entire community of traders was roaring about the fact the BiteBTC withheld the majority of withdrawals. Now it turns out that this exchange has rebranded to Fedlio and starts gathering new fools, who believe that the fact that the platform was allegedly acquired by some Seychelles Commercial Bank would make BiteBTC less of a scammer.

Nocturnal Trader   May 20, 2020  

I was so pissed at my partner, with whom we run a crypto-trading firm, after he had taken a portion of coins from our portfolio without telling me and transferred it to BiteBTC, which turned out to be a scam. Now more than $100 thousand in crypto is lost, while he is trying to reach the non-existent support team of BiteBTC or Fedlio, or whatever name these swindlers came up with. I think that I might even bring legal action against him.

Alpha Chick   May 6, 2020  

BiteBTC is definitely one of the shadiest cryptocurrency exchanges out there. I have come across a huge thread on Bitcointalk where people discuss how this exchange had engaged in multiple swindles. Amazingly, the platform has been operational since 2017 or 2018, and no one from law enforcement agencies took an interest in its activities. The number of accusation of BiteBTC is so great that it can't be some conspiracy or bad PR.

Lala Maria   April 24, 2020  

BiteBTC is a scam exchange. They will keep your funds! do not use it!

Me   February 4, 2020  

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