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The sector was recently buried in the belief that the bubble of decentralized financial applications had burst. However, judging by the growth of DeFi coins in the sector, things are not so bad. The same prime example of the (YFI) sector jumped from the lows that were recorded in early November by nearly 300%. Such astronomical advances are likely to face an equally impressive correction. However, the sector clearly has excellent speculative properties, which is now actively used by investors.

Val-ly   November 21, 2020  

One of the main beneficiaries is the Yearn Finance (YFI) coin. Over the past week, the number of transactions over $ 100K jumped by almost 300%, according to The Block. Since November 5, YFI has jumped 119% in price. While the DeFi sector is being predicted to be oblivion, so far the coins provide a great speculative opportunity.

FortyN1nety   November 14, 2020  

After explosive growth, the decentralized financial applications sector has shown an impressive correction. Sentiment data provider reports a 25% drop in DeFI's market cap in one day. Coin (YFI), which managed to exceed $ 40K in price, is facing impressive speculative pressure, falling 20% over the week, but jumping 35% overnight.

Nilssson   October 10, 2020  

The DeFi coin market shows the most negative price dynamics. Not surprising given the scale of growth this sector has shown over the past few months. The total volume of tokens blocked in applications began to fall. Over the past few days, this indicator has shown a decline of almost a billion dollars. (YFI) was among the most affected by DeFi tokens, losing 19% per day and 47% per week. YFI has already corrected to $ 20K last time, but now it is aiming for $ 10K. The explosive growth of the DeFi sector is often compared to an ICO boom. However, the latter lasted much longer, and yet there is a possibility that DeFi also has not exhausted its potential, given that the demand for the services that have become possible in this sector has not gone anywhere.

l00k$_1ntere$1ng   October 8, 2020  

The trading volume of DeFi's leading coins yEarn Finance (YFI), Synthetix (SNX) and Compound (COMP) in the OTC markets has grown 8 times since the beginning of the year. Given the recent impressive fluctuations of the same yEarn Finance (YFI), the opportunities for speculation in the DeFi sector are now extremely impressive.

Leonie   September 24, 2020  

The trading volume of the leading DeFi coins yEarn Finance (YFI), Synthetix (SNX) and Compound (COMP) in the OTC markets has grown 8 times since the beginning of the year. Considering the recent impressive fluctuations of the same yEarn Finance (YFI), the opportunities for speculation in the DeFi sector are now extremely impressive.

Casual Millionaire   September 21, 2020  

The sector of decentralized financial applications mainly associated with new and relatively unknown projects in the recent past, but now it is Bitcoin's turn. The volume of bitcoins blocked in applications is growing, and this factor is added to the piggy bank of possible reasons for the growth of the cryptocurrency in the medium term. The higher the volume of blocked tokens, the lower the supply of the asset on the free market, which means the higher the price. As you can see from the DeFi token (YFI), even $ 40,000 is quite an achievable figure for a cryptocurrency with a very limited emission. Unlike YFI, whose capitalization is hundreds of times less than bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency will need significantly more market movement for such an impressive price increase, however, the DeFi sector demonstrates that cryptocurrencies are dynamic and still have the potential for explosive growth.

Carlit0oo   September 16, 2020  

According to The Block, the OTC trading volume of the leading DeFi coins yEarn Finance (YFI), Synthetix (SNX) and Compound (COMP) has grown 8 times since the beginning of the year. Given the recent impressive fluctuations in yEarn Finance (YFI), the opportunities for speculation in the DeFi sector are now extremely impressive.

Julius_Irwin   September 14, 2020  

A key reason for the hype around the DeFi sphere has been the insane growth in the rate of related cryptocurrencies. For example, the flagship of the DeFi market, the token of the Yearn Finance (YFI) platform, was released on July 18 and has risen in price by about 100,000% since then. Other coins such as UMA, TRADE, RING showed less growth in value, but still helped early investors to increase their capital tens and hundreds of times.

Shantanio   September 14, 2020  

Lately, mostly the market has been pulled up by DeFi coins. However, more and more pessimists appear about their prospects. They point to many signs of a bubble, the collapse of which could lead to a redirection of funds towards the most famous cryptocurrencies, or again cool interest in the entire market for a long time.

Warrennnn   September 3, 2020  

It is likely that attention to the top ten cryptocurrencies will weaken in the near future, as players appear on the horizon, who simply cannot be ignored. Of course, we are talking about (YFI), which broke into the TOP-30 in terms of coin capitalization. Thus, the long-standing assumptions that bitcoin may be "the first, but not the main one" will begin to be realized in the next few years, which will redraw the list of leading cryptocurrencies.

AriAdna   September 1, 2020  

YFI continues to conquer new heights. The DeFi token of the yEarn Finance (YFI) project briefly rose above the $38000 mark, and the capitalization surpassed the $1 billion mark. The token was issued on July 18 at a price of $ 32, and now costs more than $33000. In a month and a half, the rate has grown 1000 times. The yEarn Finance project climbed to the fifth line in the DeFi Pulse rating, ahead of the notorious Synthetix and Compound in terms of blocked cost. YFI is one of the most scarce cryptoassets - there are only 29963 coins in circulation, and their total supply is 30,000. It is likely that the growing speculative demand for a very limited asset in supply and the popularity of profitable farming are the main reasons for such a rapid growth of yEarn Finance. In addition to the limited emission, the YFI token has a second feature - it is "absolutely useless" and has no fundamental value, the project developer said during its release. YFI is the DeFi protocol governance token and allows its holders to participate in the decision-making process on its future development vector.

Brun0   August 31, 2020  

Bitcoin's price high was $20000, but this level was easily beaten by (YFI), which at some point exceeded $37000. Considering the incredible growth of 4000% even by the standards of the crypto market in a little over a month, the main question that all participants in the crypto market are asking is: when will the sale start? - In some moment. YFI may show growth up to $ 100,000. This is a very wake-up call as there are all signs of a bubble. At the moment, the growth has stopped, but no one wants to exit early or enter the market too late, so the scales may tip to either side in the near future.

Shantanio   August 31, 2020  

The emergence of new names among market leaders is becoming the best advertisement for the entire crypto market as a whole. As a result, even if these coins do not meet the expectations of investors, investment flows that find themselves in the cryptosphere are likely to head towards market leaders.

Michael   August 30, 2020 has become the star of the altcoin market in recent years. Its price soared to $ 15,400, being the highest for a coin on the crypto market. In a month, it showed twenty-fold growth, becoming living proof of the possibility of new “unicorns” appearing on the crypto market. The coin's meteoric rise also reflects the popularity of the decentralized financial sector. The creators of the project decided to follow the path of bitcoin, limiting the issue of only 30,000 YFI coins. This limited supply is fueling a rapid rise in price.

Shantanio   August 22, 2020  

The (YFI) coin has outpaced bitcoin in value and is now trading at $ 14K, reaching $ 16K at some point over the past day. There is such a strong vibration around DeFi cryptocurrencies, strengthening FOMO in relation to the current direction for digital currencies.

ComputerScientist   August 22, 2020  

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