Verge Reviews & Comments 2021

XVG is an amazing coin that has nice fundamentals (it is a privacy cryptocurrency that is integrated with the Tor network) and it has brought amazing returns for early investors. Although those investors must have had hero-like patience since the price of Verge had been totally flat for three years before shooting to the moon in January of 2018. It has definitely made someone stupendously rich and me - extremely jealous.

Mr. Skinny Legs   April 8, 2020  

It just seems that after 2017, Verge just can't get back on its feet. It's had bad luck from the community, and even though they got some major partnerships, it never really became popular. The PornHub deals were just a publicity stunt from the CEO who felt he was on top of the world after making so much money. It's the investors that are hurting now because this coins value really took a bad nose dive. I'm not sure if Verge is ever going to recover because its Devs don't ever update anymore.

Stefan   March 31, 2019  

Verge is undervalued. The reason being is that it's a privacy currency that's already being used to fuel anonymous transactions on websites such as pornhub. This is huge adoption news because the sheer amount of people that are now willing to pay for pornhub's services. So many people have avoided paying for these types of sites because they don't want it reflecting on their credit card statement and someone in their family finding out. Crypto was really meant for use cases such as this, where traditional fiat just doesn't really work.

Freddie   March 16, 2019  

Verge was shilled too heavy last year. The rise it had was monumental, but equally was its downfall. Ever since their product release and alleged partnership with Pornhub they really went incognito. Verge was an interesting project when speculation was high, but it's not a good gamble anymore unless they convince everyone that they have something important cooking in the near term.

Pancho   February 28, 2019  

Not a fan of this coin, but I am positive primarily because of the lack of a pre-mine, its age is practically the volunteer work of developers who were not tempted by financial excesses in the form of raising funds for ICO and other advantages such as speed and commission. It definitely has a future.

George   April 18, 2018  

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Verge Currency is a cryptocurrency designed for everyday use. It improves upon the original Bitcoin blockchain and aims to fulfill its initial purpose of providing individuals and businesses with a fast, efficient and decentralized way of making direct transactions while maintaining personal privacy...

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