ProximaX Reviews & Comments 2020

The fundamentals of ProximaX is described in vivid colors, but the reality suggests that this blockchain solution isn't that efficient and appealing. The 475th place and only two exchanges where this is more or less being traded - these facts speak louder than any well-worded whitepaper. I wonder what the crypto market has to do to get rid of garbage like this.

Harrietttt   February 27, 2020  

Deep, deep down at the bottom of Coinmarketcap lives a coin named ProximaX. Regardless of how hard it tries, how sincere are the promises of a fault-tolerant, one-of-a-kind system for P2P cloud services, it just doesn't seem to work, because the coin is still ranked 411th. Although XPX deserves due credit for having a nice $5 million market capitalization and an equally good trading volume of $236 thousand. Well, good enough for the 411th place.

RaveHead   December 10, 2019  

ProximaX (XPX) is a rare breed of altcoins that looks relatively healthy and lively, even though they are lying at the bottom of the global cryptocurrency ranks. If you look at its price action, XPX has been moving steadily in the range of $0,006 - $0,003, before going south in the fall, along with the entire cryptocurrency market. Certainly, this is a very exotic coin that should be approached with great caution, but it could be suitable for some small-time swing trading, if you are registered on MXC or Bilaxy, of course.

Yur111   November 1, 2019  

The platform is useful, only I think I have already seen similar projects, but I could be wrong. A lot of chips for developers. Only here to collect one hundred and twelve million is cool. Good luck. I would like this project to work, I am watching so far.

Vadim   December 20, 2018  

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ProximaX is a next generation platform solution with an Integrated and Distributed Ledger Technology (IaDLT). The ProximaX Sirius platform is an integrated assembly of proven technologies for enterprises to develop applications with superior design while substantially reducing the total cost of owne...

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