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Judging from the content of their post on Twitter, the Mixim Network is still alive and kicking. A few days ago, they have even added a new feature called Shared Media to their proprietary product called Mixin Messenger. That news has really affected the price of XIN which pumped from $163 to $188 in a matter of hours. All in all, despite the fact that XIN is not even in the Top 200 coins, it shows some really good price action while the project has a pool of devoted users.

Rudy NY43   October 28, 2019  

Here we go. This is what we've all been waiting for. It's time for altcoin madness. Here I am already in profit on my XIN trade that i made yesterday. I just woke up and I'm already up 14%. Crypto is fun again, and I'm all in on altcoins. You can literally close your eyes and pick a coin and it's going to moon for the next few days.

Noah   April 2, 2019  

XIN is a groundbreaking privacy coin. Their transactions can't be viewed by blockchain analysis groups. These groups are becoming huge in crypto and no one seems be be aware of this threat. These groups are going to directly affect anyone who holds crypto currencies in the very near future. I'd recommend anyone and everyone to atleast trade via XIN to cover your tracks. Until there is a more anonymous way, you also shouldn't cash out.

stephen   March 17, 2019  

Mixin should capitalize on its ranking on CMC by pushing a new ad campaign. It's within the top 100 and many people browse this first page. Mixin has huge capabilities and the CryptoNote algorithm is a perfect solution for blockchain privacy.

Omar   March 2, 2019  

There is very little options to connect with the mixin on social media. I suggest you make a telegram group where one can get live updates from the team as well as relate to other mixin community members. This project is a hidden gem. You ought to do more marketing.

AWoods   April 24, 2018  

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Mixin Kernel utilizes the UTXO model of Bitcoin to handle transactions. The CryptoNote one-time derivation algorithm is also used to improve privacy as there are no address reuse issues that come with it. The three Ghost Output thresholds used will improve privacy while also forcing the outputs rand...

Mixin (XIN) price change (24h)

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Bitcoin 88 $36 088.28 1.94%
Ethereum 94 $1 219.14 0.53%
Tether 1 $1.00 -0.02%
Polkadot 87 $17.65 1.71%
XRP 75 $0.277600 -0.03%
Cardano 91 $0.380900 3.79%
Litecoin 75 $142.63 0.79%
Chainlink 82 $22.55 9.17%
Bitcoin Cash 86 $478.81 0.85%
Stellar 92 $0.302200 0.19%