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I have noticed that many exotic, if not to say shady, coins are listed on Korean cryptocurrency exchanges. I am not sure whether that is a coincidence or a deliberate policy on the part of those platforms, but that's the thing that I've been noticing for many months. WAXP is largely present on one Korean exchange Upbit, where it has a miserable trading volume of $280,000 a day, against Korean won.

Dr.Omnomnom   May 5, 2020  

Does anyone remember when that guy Novogratz shilled this coin to everyone on Twitter? This coin has done atleast a -96% since that call, and he’s the owner of a major crypto fund. How is this guy still in business if he’s busy shilling scam projects? I still have a huge bag of WAX and I’m unsure if I’ll ever recoup my initial investment. I would say it’s a lesson learned to not follow the advice of billionaires who have money to throw around at purely speculative projects like WAX. It’s best to stick to the standards like BTC and ETH.

Francisco   April 28, 2019  

I remember when Mike Novogratz used to shill this coin. Although I dumped WAX before, i'm buying it again because it looks ready to go for it again. This coin has had such a long down period, and all technicals are pointing up. This is the coin to watch within the next month. A lot of big names are keeping close tabs on this one, and they are getting closer to some big milestones on their roadmap.

Daniel   March 17, 2019  

WAX is a pretty good idea. Besides it being a good idea- it bottomed out and my TA shows that it's looking to break upward in the next day. This coin has been primed for a good run and it's finally looking like it's headed in that direction. Besides the TA, this project lets anyone turn whatever they can think of into a digital coin s. This means everything can become tokenized. This idea of an entirely tokenized economy will drive this projects price into the moon.

Mitch   March 6, 2019  

The first WAX token appeared on the exchanges on December 21, 2017 and was trading at a price of $ 4.60. Now the token is trading at $ 0.176698, and its capitalization is $ 109,366,942. It is traded on many exchanges Huobi and HitBTC, Bittrex and Upbit. It is difficult to judge when the whole market falls

AnNox   April 3, 2018  

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WAX is the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell, and trade virtual items - to anyone, anywhere in the world. Hundreds of millions of people around the globe already trade digital items. But the problems that plague the item trading community have stunted its growth far beneath its ful...

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