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Waves is another altcoin with the largest growth in recent years. Against the background of renewed demand for altcoins, trading and exchange of digital currencies, the Waves platform, which has been operating as a mobile application for a long time and allows all crypto activities to be concentrated around a wide range of project instruments, can receive a significant increase in demand. The Waves token has risen in value over the past week by 61% to $ 8.12, beating Zcash (ZEC) and even the DeFi token yearn.finance (YFI), which has recently attracted everyone's attention. The all-time high for Waves is at $ 17, but caution is advised now, as a significant number of early investors who bought the coin at $ 1 may start taking profits.

AlwaysInGreen   November 24, 2020  

Still unsure about Waves. I don’t know what to make of their team or project. Even though the charts show this coin is undervalued, there isn’t much demand or drive to adopt it. It’s platform is widely unknown and they are unlikely to be listed on Coinbase any time soon. This seems more like a random pump coin than anything else. If anyone can change my mind I’d gladly like to hear the case of the other side.

Ken   April 21, 2019  

Waves is still my go to coin when I'm looking for a solid place to park my earnings from crypto. I choose Waves because their platform hasn't failed the community once, and their focus is still on delivering the most useable blockchain ecosystem yet. I think it makes a ton of sense to hold atleast a bit of Waves because their foundation holds enough money to last the next decade with ease.

Jamal   March 27, 2019  

Long term hodler here. I'm. never.selling.WAVES. Like the bottom poster said, this coin has made some of the best decisions in terms of management of funds, and they will be around for a loooong time. Crypto could basically crash again and they'd still have enough funds to last another 5 crypto winters. Crypto projects that practice longevity deserve to make it.

Tina   March 9, 2019  

Waves is playing the long game. You need to follow their CEO to fully understand that they are 100% invested in the blockchain space. The CEO is quoted to still holding 20,000 BTC originally raised from their ICO. This means they at current prices have ~$80 MILLION. This means that if Bitcoin jumps up from its current lows, Waves platform will have a great deal of money to work with. Consider that most crypto projects have squandered the majority of their ICO funds.

Vincent   February 25, 2019  

The upgraded Waves mobile wallet has become one of the main factors for the substantial growth of the project and the price of the token. The Waves team has integrated the entire Waves business model into a very user-friendly mobile platform. By this, they have opened access to cryptocurrency to a wider audience of smartphone users, and also implemented the project faster than competitors.

Rodrigo   December 19, 2018  

Waves will not necessarily continue to grow. The possibility of reaching $ 1.7 is real, but it seems that soon the growth momentum may run out. However, at the moment it is difficult to predict further movement.

Paul   December 3, 2018  

At the moment, the price of Waves shows a very good growth, however, it is not yet clear how long the rise can last, with a general drop in the cryptographic market.

Vlad   December 2, 2018  

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Waves is a multi-purpose blockchain platform which supports various use cases including decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts. Launched in June 2016 following one of the cryptocurrency industry’s earliest initial coin offerings (ICO), Waves initially set out to ...

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