Stratis Reviews & Comments 2021

Stratis has laid dormant for long enough. According to market analysis, STRAT is ready for a big move. I use paid signals and they are all said to hold onto at least a little bit of STRAT for the next 3-6 months. It's a long play but it'll more then likely pay off in the long run. Crypto is slowly becoming a major aset clas, so holding for half a year to reap huge rewards isn't bad. Patience people!

Stan   April 1, 2019  

Does anyone have any info about Strat? It seems like its a good coin to buy, but what exactly does it do? I'm unsure if they have any major partnerships, but it seems the community is also lacking. The website doesn't explain much either. I really like the sound of this coin but need more information.

Jin   March 16, 2019  

Stratis is a project that has been around longer than most. The reason for this is because the team focuses on what the community actually needs. Instead of wasting ICO funds on expensive conferences, STRATIS team focuses on development. So many blockchain projects have come and gone because they waste their ICO funds too quickly on flashy conferences. After crypto winter we will see who is left standing.

Matthis   March 1, 2019  

It seems interesting, even if companies are working more and more with linux (server-side) and mac (user-side).

Z0lm   June 27, 2016  

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STRAT is the fuel that powers and secures the Stratis blockchain. It is used to pay fees per transaction and as an instrument for transfer of value among participants in the Stratis marketplace. STRAT is a digital cryptographic token that is freely traded on open exchanges as one of the top cry...

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