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ReddCoin has one of the weirdest kinds of price action I have ever seen. It really looks like a cardiogram of an excited man or showings of a lie detector. It constantly goes up and down without even giving the slightest hint at a correction. Could it be the best cryptocurrency for scalping? That is very likely, though I don't think that the long-term holders of RDD are happy because the coin has been sliding down the slope since summer.

Miragio   February 9, 2020  

ReddCoin is one of those cryptocurrencies that died after the crypto winter of 2018, after having burst to the all-time high of $0,024. However, those who had bought the coin at the time of exchange listing could still enjoy the 2000% ROI, which is perhaps the only position notion about RDD. Fundamentally, ReddCoin is not particularly impressive since there are many other blockchain-based social media solutions that have proven to be much more effective.

DeiKhan   October 30, 2019  

3 years have passed since Reddcoin was released, and now they are trying to make a comeback with a new plan for 2017. The developers brought to mind Redd-ID (the ability to send Reddcoin on social networks). Now the main goal of Reddcoin is massive integration into social networks. In the place of mining Reddcoin coins, you can simply release them on the PoS (environmentally friendly alternative). Reddcoin has many goals and has great potential to become the first altcoin to attract the attention of those who know little about cryptocurrency. There are reasons to believe in the success of Reddcoin. Pros: great potential, a good team of developers, giving a tip, a coin for the social. networks, low cost, big goals, microtransactions, great design. Cons: a great time updating the wallet, a small community, not very many opportunities, until integrated into the social. network.

Aacharon   February 26, 2018  

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Reddcoin makes digital currency easy for the general public. By integrating a digital currency platform seamlessly with major social networks, sending and receiving tips and micro-transactions are cheap, fast and rewarding for everyone. Reddcoin launched its ReddID wallet to the public yesterday an...

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