Revain Reviews & Comments 2020

I hope the trading intuition didn't fail you and you managed to pull out of Revain before November 19, when the coin has had as many as two consecutive major crashed, straight to the bottom at $0,04. All in all, the R coin is a real contender for the title of Disappointment of the Year as the coin has been doing nothing but devaluing and devaluing since the very first week when it was listed on exchange platforms.

CryptoAussie   December 14, 2019  

Revain has been a coin that i've secretly accumulated over the last few months, and lo and behold, it's pumping like crazy. You can call it luck, but I call it patience and an eye for seeing when a coin is too low. It's the biggest gain to see when a coin is exhausted from selling. For over a year the market has been selling, and at some point there won't be anymore sellers. That's just a plain fact from supply and demand economics. Just like in 2017, thee buyers were exhausted and we crashed. This is the opposite, so get ready for the big headlines about crypto's comeback in the coming days. All eyes are on us right now.

Jack   April 3, 2019  

Revain is the future of comment revenue. This is one of the most exciting blockchain projects to come out since BAT. Where BAT rewards users for participation in ads, Revain rewards users for their quality comments. This is much needed in a space where low quality comments dominate and take away from user experience. Revain will have a huge 2019-2020 because of their proposed milestones. It should be stressed that Revain is in direct competition with platforms such as steemit and potentially Twitter once they roll out Tippin which allows for tips in bitcoin. This is the main project to watch because it will revolutionize comments!

Pablo   March 2, 2019  

In general, if I am correct, this is a project for the promotion of other projects that successfully passed the original stage. From where the question immediately arises, why such projects need promotion, the very fact of a successful fundraising is basically a confirmation of their reliability and liquidity.

pa1ige   December 22, 2018  

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Revain AI, which is based on advanced IBM Watson, checks reviews and filters out low-quality reviews and makes high-quality ones eligible for rewards. On Revain, projects and exchanges have the ability to award authors for high-quality reviews with tokens. We created RVN token for this purpose. You ...

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