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Qbit has had a great bull run this year, pushing its way through from $4,65 to the highs of $68,45 in a matter of six months. Congrats to the people who had been far-sighted enough to stock up on Qbit at the end of 2018. They must have had a splendid summer holiday after making all those X's in July. However, it was very hard to spot and monitor this coin since it's actively traded only on one cryptocurrency exchange - Whitebit.

CryptoWeirdo   March 30, 2020  

Just like the rest of the crypto market, QBIT had its period of glory this year, which lasted for about four months, but then went back to its original position, which is moving sideways, not giving an honest trader an opportunity to earn a living. Excuse me for ranting, but QBIT became a disappointment for me because I had opened the wrong position at the wrong time.

ReBobo   February 2, 2020  

We can't deny QBIT any longer. It's risen through the ranks and is poised to take more places on CMC. I've been following this coins since it was buried in CMC's backpages. I'm very happy I found out about this coin before it mooned.

David   March 19, 2019  

QBIT is going to be a big up and coming blockchain project. This has an easy 2-4x in it at its current market cap. They have so many investors, mainly notable ones. This is one of those sleeper projects.

Ronnie   March 6, 2019  

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Since the launch of QUBITICA, we have built a strong community of developers and investors from over 20 nations. Not only has this community evolved the infrastructure, it has also demonstrated the concept's effectiveness in many projects. These days QUBITICA is a community of blockchain and AI ...

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