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From the information that I have managed to gather about PayPie - which is very scarce, by the way - the project works on the development of a financial risk assessment platform and the cash flow forecast solution. Although the coin was launched in 2017, it still hasn't developed a meaningful social media presence. But the weirdest thing about PPP is that its current trading volume amounts to a big fat zero. So, there's a possibility that PayPie has been dead for some time.

OrdinaryBillionaire   June 18, 2020  

On September 30, PayPie posted on their official Twitter that the launch of v.1.0 of the financial risk assessment platform will take place on the very same day. Now let's check the price action of PPP that is supposed to be correlated with this event. As it turns out, the value of PPP had actually dropped by more than 10% since that announcement and has recovered only a few days ago.

Sleep_Trade_Repeat   March 14, 2020  

I have come across the information that PayPie (PPP) is not being traded anymore on the cryptocurrency exchanges. Could someone please explain what has happened because I can't find any concrete info on this matter? I have been holding this coin for quite a while but then dumped it during one of its numerous dips. I feel bad for those who might have lost their money because of the troubles with PPP.

Rosari0   February 16, 2020  

Is it possible to somehow somehow explain why this platform is needed? And what is its significant difference from similar platforms?

Leo   January 28, 2019  

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PayPie helps businesses sustain their cash flow through affordable business financing, insightful analytics and risk scoring. The platform brings a higher level of trust and transparency to the fintech scene through its unique blockchain-powered risk assessment, based on near real-time business fina...

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