Paxos Standard Token Reviews & Comments 2020

What is even the point of trading PAX? It's a stable coin that people hardly even use and it's usually losing value- not gaining. I just don't see a stable coin's point since it still loses people money in the long run. It would make way more sense to just sit in Tether if you were going to pick one.

Ben   March 31, 2019  

PAX is still my favorite coin. I've made money just holding it, but it's also really easy to get my money out of crypto. Before the crash in April, I transferred all mhy crypto holdings to PAX, and this saved my portfolio because it actually went up in value. Since everyone was abandoning ship into stable coins, they actually increased over one dollar.

Pablo   March 14, 2019  

PAXOS is a great Stablecoin. It's a completely regulated and transparent digital dollar. It's audited and regulated by New York's top financial regulators you can't get more legit then that. Tether has nothing on PAXOS, and I don'�t get how people aren't using this. Why would you ever convert your crypto or dollars into a stablecoin like Tether that isn't audited or backed by anything? This seems like a really dangerous plan and people should really consider where they leave their money. It would be best if people were more responsible and started supporting regulated and honest cryptocurrency projects that would make us all look more legit!

Frank   February 27, 2019  

Since it is fully provided with dollars, Paxos Standard offers a flexible, digital alternative to cash, which is available around the clock for instant transaction settlement and is fully redeemed.

Zedd   December 1, 2018  

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Paxos Standard Token
Paxos Standard Token

Paxos Standard (PAX) was built so that money can move fast. PAX is a digital dollar. Like other crypto assets, it can move instantaneously, anywhere in the world, any time of any day, and it’s programmable. Unlike other crypto assets, PAX is stable. It is backed 1:1 for the dollar and it&rsquo...

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