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PAI stands for Personal Artificial Intelligence, which powers the platform where users can create their own 3D avatars that should be capable of learning the behavioral patterns and recreate them autonomously. Well, it sounds cool for a cyberpunk movie script but in reality, very few people would be interested in that piece of tech, even if it works without a hitch. And that is reflected in PAI's price action that wasn't impressive lately.

Annie Kay   February 12, 2020  

Two days ago, I got a bit more than 1000 PAI from my friend who got frustrated after holding this obviously weak coin for several months. It has been kind of a charitable move on his part, though that's what should serve as a lesson for him for not investing wisely. In any case, it just so happens that PAI had a slight uptick - 3% or something, not much. But I was quick enough to dump all those coins for a little profit.

Franz   January 3, 2020  

It is possible to tell that Project Pai has no prospects whatsoever just by looking at its price chart in comparison to the market capitalization showings. In the period from January till September, the market cap of PAI had increased significantly - though it had some ups and downs - while the price of the coin remained flat. If there is no correlation between the market cap and the price action, then there is something wrong with the coin. This is a very simplistic explanation, but it should be enough to raise concerns.

Jan Mysterio   November 2, 2019  

PAI is a really interesting new project that caught my eye. It's a platform that allows a the network to take care of your patient/doctor relationship so you can focus on other things. The only downside I see is that it's too futuristic, but I think this project will be relevant in the next 2-5 years. Basically all of crypto has that long before it's widely adopted so I honestly see the possibility. Everyone should consider atleast one healthcare blockchain project, and this is it.

Liam   April 2, 2019  

What kind of project is this? Popular or good? Who has already participated? Tell me how much you can get? And where their coin can be sold?

Visc   January 27, 2019  

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Project Pai
Project Pai

A PAI can perform tasks on your behalf, so you can concentrate your attentions elsewhere. PAI comes as a medium to bridge better patient-doctor relationships and represent you in the healthcare space. PAI offers more ways to express yourself online and be present in conversations even when you are ...

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