NULS Reviews & Comments 2020

Even though NULS is considered by many as a backwater cryptocurrency only because it's placed at the 123rd spot on CoinMarketCap and has a relatively modest market capitalization of something close to $25 million. Well, I would beg to differ, because despite not having a big capital to back it, NULS is putting up good results both in terms of trading volumes and price action, which is especially suitable for swing trading.

Jim Beam   April 7, 2020  

NULS is just another 'enterprise-grade' blockchain solution that held a lot of promise but can't seem to live up to it. Judging from the market capitalization of NULS, which currently stands at $23 million, the 'enterprise-grade' investors have not been lining up, eager to commit their money to this emerging blockchain startup. Nevertheless, the crypto space is actively developing, so NULS still holds a chance of succeeding, if they keep improving their product.

Uriko Kun   October 25, 2019  

NULS made me a lot of money back in 2017. I remember when this coin first released, no one believed that it would be worth over a dollar. I did. And i sold it when it crossed that threshold. I can’t believe where it’s at now after this intense bear market, but I can say this might be a second chance on such an epic pump coin. When it’s alt-season again you’ll thank me if you consider this coin at these prices. After all the TA, NULS is ready to pump clear past its ATH and into crypto history books.

Rudi   April 28, 2019  

Nuls has the potential to pull what ONT did last year. I think NULS has a god chance to pas a majority of chinese blockchains in the space. They were one of the original pump coins back in the day, but they are right back at it right now in this green market. It's time to sit back and relax if you hold NULS. This coin will be top 20 by the time we hit 2020. The big money is buying and they will want projects that are going to last.

Oscar   April 3, 2019  

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NULS Wallets are developed by the NULS core team and Code Craft Council. We also provide third-party wallets. When using a third-party wallet you are responsible for the safety of your private key. NULS Wallet (Client) participates in data maintenance of the network. It synchronizes all the on-chai...

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