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I have always liked the saying, "If you are so smart, why are you so poor?" It is totally appropriate in the case of Nasdacoin. The team was set to develop an innovative hybrid blockchain that utilizes both PoW and PoS algorithms, which should facilitate mining. But what do we have in reality? A pitiful market capitalization of $1.1 million, which is a burndown that is enough to last for a month for a decent tech company. Obviously, NSD deserves its 819th rank.

Flint Eastwood   July 2, 2020  

Nasdacoin is the cryptocurrency from the very depth of CoinMarketCap. Ranked 725th, NSD has the market capitalization of $1,75 million, which explains its low position in the global rankings. 92% of its trading volume occurs on the cryptocurrency exchange call Mercatox, which is also placed at the bottom of the ranks with an unimpressive trading volume of $11 million. Judging from the fact that the project made the last tweet back in March, it would be safe to assume that Nasdacoin is dead.

Avner_89   April 5, 2020  

Over the course of this year, the ship called Nasdacoin has been sinking to the bottom steadily. However, there are people who actually trade this coin in a volume of about a quarter of a million dollars a day. The majority of them are the inhabitants of the Mercatox exchange, but there is also some activity at Crex24. Good for them, I wish these people to get at least some profit from this coin.

Ca$$idy   February 26, 2020  

Nasdacoin has shown aggressive growth in the last two days, having risen in price almost five times amid a sharp collapse of the rest of the cryptorink. The main advantage of Nasdacoin is the possibility of obtaining high returns from investments in this digital asset.

Jake   November 16, 2018  

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