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MCO is a coin that bears some potential for the upside move in the mid-term due to its good fundamentals (which provide for the creation of an accessible and understandable environment for crypto payments) and its relatively good resistance to market crashes. However, the downside to this coin is that it has weak trading volumes on most major cryptocurrency exchanges, with the exception of Latoken, which takes up almost 30% of the global volumes of MOC trading. I am not very fond of this exchange due to some reasons, so I could just recommend MOC for those who trade on that platform.

Ether Sensei   June 21, 2020  

After monitoring the price of for a month, I have arrived at the conclusion that it will soon exit the consolidation phase, and we will see the commencement of a slow upward trend. I regret not buying MCO at the beginning of the year when the price was below $2. In that case, I would have made around 80% profit. But I believe, it will present another chance, right after bouncing off the support of $3.

Kingzie   January 31, 2020  

So did the cards ever get sent out? They did a complete rebrand aside from their logo so this is looking pretty bad. I remember they got delisted from Binance a while back, but I wonder who still has this coin up for trade? It used to be a pretty standard pump coin so it's sad to see that their project basically failed.

Hari   March 18, 2019  

Why are you talking about TenX failure on the review for a different product?

Allan   April 9, 2019

So far, the cards have been sent out in Singapore and even worked for a while, the videos were laid out. Then everything went quiet, it is unclear whether they are working now or not, because it skipped the info that the cards were suspended.

Zhen   February 12, 2018  

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