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Chainlink (LINK) Reviews for January 2022

LINK Reviews MrBigMoney January 10, 2022
Chainlink (LINK) has been trading in a large range between $15 and $35.33 for the past few months. The bulls have pushed the price above the moving averages and the RSI has risen close to the overbought zone, indicating that buyers have the upper hand in the short term. The bears posed a strong challenge near $27.61 for the past few days but the bulls did not allow the price to dip below the 20-day EMA ($23.23). This indicates that the sentiment has changed from sell on rallies to buy on dips. If bulls maintain the price above $27.61, the LINK/USDT pair could rise to 30 and thereafter to the overhead resistance at $35.33. This bullish view will invalidate if the price turns down from the current level and breaks below the moving averages. The pair could then drop to $18. The 4-hour chart shows that the price has broken above the overhead resistance at $27.61. The bears will now attempt to stall the up-move at $30. If the subsequent correction does not break below $27.61, it will increase the possibility of a rally to $35.33. On the contrary, if the price turns down from the current level, it will suggest that the break above $27.61 may have been a bull trap. The bears will then try to pull the price below the 50-SMA. If they do that, the next stop could be $22.

LINK Reviews amund$en November 15, 2021
The bulls drove Chainlink (LINK) above the overhead resistance at $35.23 on Nov. 9, 10 and 11 but could not sustain the price above it. This suggests that bears are defending this level with vigor. Both moving averages are sloping up and the RSI is above 55, suggesting that bulls have a slight edge. If the price rebounds off the 20-day EMA ($32.27), the buyers will make another attempt to clear the overhead hurdle. If they manage to do that, the LINK/USDT pair could signal the start of a new uptrend. The first target on the upside is $42.50 and then $47.50. This bullish view will be negated if the price breaks below the 20-day EMA. Such a move could pull the price down to the 50-day SMA ($28.83). The pair has been rising inside an ascending channel for the past few days. The bulls attempted to push the price above the channel on Nov. 10 but failed. This may have prompted profit-booking by the bulls and shorting by the aggressive bears. The price could now drop to the support line of the channel where buying may emerge. A strong rebound off this support will suggest that bulls continue to buy at lower levels. The pair may then continue to move up inside the channel. A break and close below the channel will signal a possible change in trend.

LINK Reviews Shantanio October 11, 2021
Chainlink (LINK) broke above the downtrend line on Oct. 1, but the bulls have not been able to capitalize on this move. The altcoin has been stuck in a tight range between $25.20 and $26.19 for the past few days. Both moving averages are flat and the RSI has been trading just above the midpoint, suggesting a balance between supply and demand. This equilibrium will tilt in favor of buyers if the price breaks and closes above $28.19. The LINK/USDT pair could then rally to $32.11 and later challenge the stiff overhead resistance at $35.33. Alternatively, a break and close below $25.20 could signal that supply exceeds demand. The pair could then drop to the $22 to $20.82 support zone. The price turned down from the overhead resistance and bears have pulled the price below the moving averages. If sellers sustain the lower levels, the pair could drop to the support at $25.20. A break below this level could signal that bears are back in command. Conversely, if the price turns up from the current level and rises back above the moving averages, it will suggest that traders are buying on dips. The bulls will have to push and sustain the price above $28.19 to signal that they are back in the driver’s seat. Thereafter, the pair could rally to $32.11.

LINK Reviews acc0untant August 3, 2021
Chainlink (LINK) broke above the 50-day SMA ($18.73) on July 27, suggesting that bears were losing their grip. After a minor hesitation near the psychological level at $20, the bulls resumed the relief rally on July 30. However, the long wick on today’s candlestick suggests that the up-move may be losing steam. If the price turns down from the current level but rebounds off the 20-day EMA ($18.83), it will suggest that the sentiment has turned bullish. The buyers will then attempt to push the LINK/USDT pair toward the stiff overhead resistance zone at $32.50 to $35. Conversely, if the pair breaks below the moving averages, it will suggest that bears have not yet given up. They may then pull the price down to the critical support zone at $13.38 to $15. Both moving averages are sloping up on the 4-hour chart and the RSI is in the positive zone, suggesting that bulls are in control. The bulls are likely to buy the dips to the 20-EMA. If that happens, the pair could resume its up-move with the next possible stop at $26.20. On the other hand, if bears pull the price below $21, several aggressive bulls may get trapped. The price could then drop to the 50-SMA. This is an important level for the bulls because if it cracks, the pair may extend its decline to $15.

LINK Reviews Know1tAll July 8, 2021
Link is shaping up nicely. We recently saw the downtrend break and since then price has consolidated with daily ranges contracting. We’ve seen a couple of attempts from the bulls to push this through 20.00 but fail to have the impetus to start a trend higher. I want to wait for some upside momentum to come into the price, but a firm break of 20.00 would be powerful. This is like a coiled spring, but I like the shape and structure to this and feel when this goes it could be a solid long for 26.00, potentially even 27.50 over time.

LINK Reviews Peter_777 August 18, 2020
Over the week, Chainlink showed the highest price performance among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, adding over 40%. Investors are looking to find another crypto star amid the general recovery in the crypto market. A really strong FOMO will begin if there are at least a few such unicorns in the near future. The TOP 10 cryptocurrencies have not changed for a long time, and the rapid invasion of it by Chainlink was a breath of fresh air. It can be assumed that the composition of the top twenty cryptocurrencies will seriously change in the medium term, which will become a long-awaited impulse for the market.

LINK Reviews Giggly Bee August 15, 2020
Chainlink (LINK) coin has become a bright success story of recent times, which not only broke into the TOP-10 of cryptocurrencies, but has already displaced one of the most highly capitalized bitcoin forks - Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from the 5th place. The impressive growth began at the end of July and has so far stood at 150%. The token is growing in the wake of the popularity of DeFi and the increased need for smart contracts to interact with external systems, including banking.

LINK Reviews NEO_Fan August 11, 2020
Chainlink (LINK) has gained several dozen percent in recent days. At the same time, LINK became the most traded asset on the Coinbase Pro exchange. LINK's 24-hour trading volume on Coinbase Pro was $ 163 million, up 70% from Bitcoin's $ 96.5 million. For all exchanges as a whole, the trading volume of LINK was equal to $3.13 billion, bitcoin - $17.53 billion. As a result, Chainlink rose in the list of the largest assets of the cryptocurrency market from 12th place to 6th, surpassing such coins as Bitcoin SV, Cardano and Litecoin.

LINK Reviews Gl0r1a July 9, 2020
Chainlink grew 24% in the week and updated all-time highs at around $ 6. The coin went to 12th place in the cryptocurrency rating. Recently, many companies and projects have become interested in the capabilities of a decentralized oracle network and entered into cooperation with Chainlink.

LINK Reviews G1lbert0 May 21, 2020
LINK has surprisingly been the only altcoin that has shown better gains over the last six months than Bitcoin. Well, apart from a coin named LEO, the Bitfinex native token, which showed a gob-smacking 1,301% growth over the same period of time. So, I will let the numbers substantiate my claim. According to the data from Coin Codex, Bitcoin grew by 61.27% over the last six months while the price of LINK has increased by the tremendous 248,84%. That's taking into account the last major drop, from which Chainlink has already recovered.

LINK Reviews Carlos May 5, 2019
LINK is mooning as usual. The TA for this coin is always such a mess, but if you ever see this in the oversold category, it’s time to buy on the spot. This isn’t a coin that you can consistently short, but it is one that you can long fairly easily. Main net is almost here, so it’s best to position yourself for a major pump when it’s announced.

LINK Reviews Crystal March 29, 2019
LINK is supposed to have dropped their mainnet by now. Did Rory or anyone else mention when it's actually supposed to happen? The price has stayed the same because everyone is afraid to get left behind if they suddenly surprise everyone with a release. I think HODLing is the best option but at the same time we've seen this a million times in crypto where projects hold their mainnet forever. I don't want to hold onto these bags longer than I have to because LINK isn't necessarily top 10 material.

LINK Reviews Charlie March 12, 2019
Chainlink is about to drop a mega partnership with TRON. I can't say the direct source of this information, but we can expect this news to drop within the next 24-hours. Once this happens, LINK is going to go to Saturn and beyond. Any project that partners with TRON these days is unstoppable, and I have a big feeling that this will pan out really well for LINK hodlers. LINK has been the biggest underdog in crypto for the last two years, and they're are about to launch their mainnet within the next 3 months as well. Don't get caught without LINK in your bags.

LINK Reviews Andrew February 26, 2019
This project has so much potential, especially ever since the LINK team came out of the shadows and actually showed that their project has value with all the partnerships. The main thing keeping me from the LINK project is their community. It's too hostile and seems borderline cultish. Does anyone know why this kind of behaviour is condoned within the LINK community?

LINK Reviews Visc September 23, 2017
When looking at Chainlink and the new ICO Request, I just dont think they can compete with XRP/Ripple. They have no chance, another thought, why would swift use Chainlink when they can just use ETH.

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