Kyber Network Reviews & Comments 2021

I can't even begin to imagine the frustration of people who bought KNC back in 2018, when I had been trading at around $4. Then came the market crash which wiped out their KNC holdings as it is currently being traded at $0,2. Luckily for me, I bought this coin almost at the bottom ($0.13 was the price if I remember correctly) and it brought me some gains over the last few months. For instance, two days ago, I sold 10,000 KNC at a peak of $0.22 and bought back at $0.187.

RealSatoshi   May 3, 2020  

Apparently, there are many people who kept their dumpster coins - that's how I call Kyber Network and the rest of backward altcoins which do nothing except for littering the crypto market - after the crypto bubble had burst in 2018. And I was genuinely surprised to see that KNC actually displays the trading volume the exceeds $5 million, and that it's being actively traded on such a respectable exchange as Binance. Not to mention the $2 million volume on OKEx. Some things are just beyond me.

Cranky Zorro   March 12, 2020  

The only thing I blame myself for, with regard to Kyber Network, is not buying more when its price took a significant dip to $0.13 in the last days of November. My friend kept telling me about this coin that it should have pumped soon, which it did, but I was overly cautious and only $50 worth of KNC. In just 10 days, Kyber Network had pumped to $0.25, so I closed my position at a 100% profit.

Elisa   January 15, 2020  

Kyber Network is just another small-time blockchain project that has a token that no other platform except Bithumb is interested in. 94.5% of all trades happen on that cryptocurrency exchange, in the pair with Korean won. Despite the respectable volume - $42 million a day - no one seems to be keen on trading KNC apart from the Koreans.

Keith$%@   October 20, 2019  

KNC is still one of my favorite project. I remember when this coin ICO'd and I missed it. I was so sad to have missed this guaranteed moon shot, but I've since boarded the train and haven't looked back. This is one of those special projects that you know is going to produce results at some point. The team at KNC has partnered with so many other top-tier projects, it's no wonder they've been so successful ever since. If you haven't looked into this coin, I highly suggest you do because it can explode in value at any given moment, especially as the reach their next milestones.

Ron   March 20, 2019  

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Kyber Network
Kyber Network

Kyber Network is connecting the fragmented tokenized world by enabling instant and seamless transactions between platforms, ecosystems and other use cases. Kyber is a on-chain liquidity protocol that anyone can tap into for a wide variety of inter-token use cases. For example, vendors are able to a...

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