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Considering an absolutely pathetic trading volume, which is a laughable $300, recorded in the last 24 hours, EVR is one of the best candidates for a pump-and-dump. Several hundred thousand dollars would be enough to pump this coin into the stratosphere. I wonder if Crex24, a cryptocurrency exchange that boasts more than half of all EVR trading volume, makes any measures to prevent such fraudulent schemes. I highly doubt that, for some reason...

Lily Rear   March 27, 2020  

I saw that EVR was among the biggest gainers in the last 24 hours as its price went up by a staggering 33%. I am so jealous of people who could foresee such moves and make profits off them. Unfortunately, I am not that good of a crypto analytic yet, because I have been in this business for only two months. But I can clearly see that although a lot of people are bashing altcoins, they do present a lot of earning opportunities.

Sam Kircher   December 29, 2019  

I feel sorry for those people who at some point decided to purchase Everus through ICO, or whatever, and then hold the coin, awaiting the "inevitable" pump. Looks like it's never going to happen. The price chart of EVR has been downright flat for the duration of the year, whilst the trading volume on as many as three cryptocurrency exchanges that listed Everus (Crex24, P2PPB2B, and IDEX) has been lower than pathetic. Last day, the largest trading volume of EVR was an "astonishing" $165. However, this serves as a good prerequisite for a pump-and-dump scheme.

Magda   October 13, 2019  

I purchased Everus EVR token in January 2019 due to the low price and great potential of the project. After reading the whitepaper and viewing the website i can see that the concept of such ecosystem as Everus World is very well thought out. I believe in the idea of an ecosystem which allows multiple services to be used with 1 token. Looking forward to what Everus Technologies can deliver this year and hope to see a good return on my EVR tokens.

Ben Thorpe   April 11, 2019  

Now the question arises: what coins to buy, how to determine that the coin will grow, and not scam. Significantly reduce the risks helps competently collected investment portfolio. Carefully evaluate every coin you want to buy. Pay attention to the following questions: 1. What solves the coin, what problem? 2. Is the team good? How about reputation? 3. Who is a cryptocurrency sponsor? 4. What audience is the project aimed at and who are their competitors? Is there a plan of action? Is there any finished product? 5. How will a cryptocurrency or a token be profitable for an investor? What are the project's weaknesses? This method of selection will provide an opportunity to consider different scenarios of developments in the market. You can sleep well if you know that your investment has a solid foundation.

Oldinvest0r   February 1, 2019  

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Based in Malaysia, Everus Technologies is a blockchain technology company that aims to pioneer the widespread adoption of blockchain worldwide. The world is continually shifting and the emergence of this technology opens up new avenues and methods of conducting operations. With a host of products ta...

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