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empowr coin Reviews & Comments 2021

If you want to see a total waste of time and effort, then make sure to check empowr coin. Down at the very bottom of Coinmarketcap lies a coin, the daily trading volume of which amounts to $75. I would call it a "garage coin" because, with a market cap of $18 thousand bucks, this is a tech project that I could have come up in my garage, which is also my programming bunk, in a matter of days and with exactly the same budget. But I am sure that my coin would have been worth more than EMPR.

Peanut_of_Work   June 16, 2020  

I hope you people are aware of the fact that Empowr had migrated to a different platform and even launched a new coin that was dubbed the Empowr Orange Coin or simply EMPORO. So, if you can't find the old coin somewhere in the ranking, or wonder why the price of EMPR went to $0, don't be alarmed. You can easily swap the old coins for new ones to transferring them to the savings vault.

BoRoBro   May 30, 2020  

The token has risen 6090% since yesterday and 746975% since last week. Does anybody knows what's happening?

Peter   January 29, 2019  

Today it's already 1033600% since last week. something incredible....

Bugg   January 30, 2019

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empowr coin
empowr coin

A collaboration between top U.S. professors and seasoned Silicon Valley technologists, empowr is the world’s first platform to seamlessly integrate a next-generation social network, marketplace, virtual currency, and educational and political systems. The result is a democratic social economy ...

empowr coin (EMPR) price change (24h)

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