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The prime time of Elastos, and hundreds of other altcoins, happened in 2017, but now it has passed. So, I was quite surprised when I found out that ELA actually has a daily trading volume of over $3 million, which is quite impressive for a coin that hasn't made it to Top 100. Fundamentally, this coin isn't particularly impressive, but I must admit that it tends to show strong impulses to the upside, which occurred at least three times this year.

Upp3ercut   April 16, 2020  

Electroneum had only had two significant spikes in trading volume this year but they had little to no impact on the price of this coin. The first one occurred at the beginning of April, and it had been a huge one that surpassed the $8 million mark for a few days in a row. The second one happened just a couple of days ago with trading volume again reaching $8 million. But on both occasions, the price had gone down or continued the correction.

Top_Trader   March 4, 2020  

It appears that the entire cryptocurrency market remains undecided regarding whether it would continue the bull run or surrender to the bears. It has been consolidating for almost two months now, and I got a gut feeling that we are going to see red all the way through December. Which means that it's probably the last chance to dump the coins like Elastos, which are being placed below Top 100, and invest in BTC. The alt season is not going to happen any time soon, so there is really no logic in holding on to ELA, or any other inferior coins for that matter.

$carlett   October 12, 2019  

ELA is the real deal. This coin is slated for a big time leg up according to the 1 month charts. It's been down in the dumps for so long, its high time for it to move up. If you aren't ready and fully commited to this coin then you must not like money. I've accumulated for the last 6 months and I don't regret a cent of it. This is the moonshot ladies and gentleman.

Roger   March 20, 2019  

The whole process of creating a decentralized Internet, I guess they will have to go only after they completely launch the network? A project with a good idea, I hope 17 years of experience of developers will help them to recreate their ideas!

Winnie   February 1, 2019  

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Elastos is the first completely safe and decentralized infrastructure for the internet. Powered by blockchain, the new internet infrastructure of Elastos provides a virtual ecosystem where decentralized applications are protected from the vulnerabilities of the existing internet while allowing near ...

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