Endor Protocol Reviews & Comments 2021

I was never a fan of altcoins, but for some reason, I am attracted to EDRC, possibly because it has proven to have the occasional huge spikes in price which, of course, must be converted to sizable profits. Too bad that I have discovered this cryptocurrency only a few days ago, otherwise, I could have made thousands of dollars by now. Although I am certain that EDRCoin will have many similarly strong impulses in the future, so I have made it a part of my portfolio.

NoriRoller   April 17, 2020  

This year's chart of Endor Protocol kinda reminds me of a snow-covered slope from which the value of this coin has been sliding down for months and months in a row. I am not really sure why people are still holding EDR because it shows no signs of recovery after the bear market, and it didn't follow the rest of the market during this year's bull run.

MiniLion   March 5, 2020  

What a lovely coin for swing trading Endor Protocol is - it's price chart looks like a heart rate of a dying person who is being revived with an electric shock. It goes on consolidating for days at $0,0038 before taking a huge nosedive to $0,002 only to restore to the initial level in a matter of a day. I envy those lucky few who managed to get more EDR during this sweet dip. Now the coin is up 26%, so I suspect that someone has made quite a profit in the last two weeks.

Civilized_Troublemaker   February 23, 2020  

Endor Protocol is yet another cryptocurrency that is in demand only on one exchange - Hotbit that registers 61% of all daily trades in the EDR/ETH pair. Other exchanges also feature this coin, but the trading volumes there are virtually non-existent. Apparently, people aren't very interested in the concept of predictive analytics offered by Endor Protocol since its market capitalization doesn't even reach $3 million.

Poppy111111   October 23, 2019  

Interesting project and hope we could benefit from it... looking forward for your great success and waiting for bounty or airdrop?

john   February 14, 2018  

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Endor Protocol
Endor Protocol

Endor is the world’s first predictions protocol, enabling an ecosystem that provides automated, accurate, affordable predictions, for Individuals and Businesses. Powered by MIT’s novel Social Physics technology, and massive compute power, Endor enables business users to ask predictive...

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