Dent Reviews & Comments 2021

No wonder that Dent is struggling both as the project and as the cryptocurrency. I went to Google Play to check out their telecom application and saw that app is rated only 3.5 stars and the feedback section was riddled with negative reviews in which users complain that the updated aren't really doing anything, they can't make more DENT even through the referral program, and so on. This is accurately reflected in the price of DENT coin which has been almost flatlined for months.

Trader_by_day   June 14, 2020  

DENT is weak right now, and it won't come as a surprise if it crashes below $0.0014 and stays there for a while. The coin is rather strong fundamentally, and the team is incorporating a viable business model, but it doesn't seem to have much of an effect on the price of DENT. There was a brief spike in the summer, but that's about it - this crypto is lurking at the bottom and nothing will change that in the near future.

JellyBeanBob   June 6, 2020  

I wonder what made Binance list such a backwater coin as DENT on its platform. Does it really hold any potential whatsoever? Because from what I see, DENT has really nothing to show for: no sound fundamentals and no price action, just a spike in market capitalization that occurred in July of 2019, apparently for some pump-and-dump purposes. I can see that some people are still trading this coin, but I can't figure out why.

Delta101   March 2, 2020  

DENT is back! This was the classic pump and dump coin that I used to trade on a monthly basis because it was the most predictable coin in the top CMC. Although it’s faded from the top 100 page in the last year, it’s back! This is the coin to ride when it dumps, and sell when it pumps. I just cleared the easiest 20% this last week by buying the dips on this amazing coin. TA works when you have patience and clear goals.

Kevin   April 28, 2019  

I generally follow DENT. And I see how the project began to grow rapidly. I am not surprised at how rapidly the price went up and this is only on the upcoming news. So I advise you to pay attention to this project.

Lennie   January 29, 2019  

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Blockchain is giving us a robust transaction platform as a foundation for the DENT marketplace. With our easy-to-use apps normal mobile users will find the data package they need easily" says Tero Katajainen, CEO and Founder of DENT Wireless LTD. The DENT Token will be the world-wide currency ...

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