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I guess we will see dozens of projects like Dentacoin in the future that make every effort to incorporate blockchain in the medical space, but to no avail. I don't know why medicine is so stubborn towards crypto. Maybe is because this industry is so rigorously regulated and deals with tons of sensitive information. But the example of DCN is as stark as it gets: the coin has had its moment of glory in January 2018, when it skyrocketed to an all-time high, and then just crashed and went flat for months.

Ricky Dalmat0   March 23, 2020  

One doesn't have to be a trading guru to comprehend that DCN is now trapped in the downward trend, which shows no signs of looming reversal. Gather your patience, if you have just bought this crypto with the intention of holding, or sell it right away if it has been laying in your wallet for a while - you won't get a better chance in weeks, if not months.

Carrot_Nose   February 1, 2020  

Given that blockchain can't establish even the smallest foothold in the medical industry due to the latter being overregulated, I wonder what the team behind Dentacoin was thinking about when they had launched this cryptocurrency. In all candor, a crypto for dentists sounds just as ridiculous as a crypto for kindergarten teachers. And their promises of replacing insurance with Dentacoin Assurance is pure nonsense, proven by DCN's current position on Coinmarketcap.

Next_US_President   November 28, 2019  

Dentacoin is yet another startup that tried to conquer the medical sphere, but to no avail. DCN is the coin for the dental industry that was supposed to lower the cost of dental treatments and act as a means of payment through the Dentacare mobile app. Considering the fact that this project was launched back in 2017, which is a pretty long time for the fast-paced crypto industry, Dentacoin has apparently failed to deliver any groundbreaking solutions, which got reflected in the price of DCN that is way below 1 cent - $0,000051 per DCN, to be precise.

VaClaV   October 24, 2019  

In order for Dentacoin to become available to everyone and to benefit everyone, I think it needs to reach tremendous scale first. A lot of growth until it can really carry a lot of users.

DonPedro   March 17, 2018  

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Dentacoin is not just a new payment method, but an industry-focused solution. It is a platform that meets the needs of a particular industry through numerous software solutions based on blockchain and its underlying currency. The entire Dentacoin supply is pre-defined and distributed through a sophi...

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