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I never trade a cryptocurrency that has more than 51% of its volume concentrated on a single exchange. That is why I chose to stay away from BNT, even though it has some nice idea behind it, and the team is competent and determined. But more than 54% of all BNT trading volume occurs on the exchange called IDCM, an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that isn't particularly popular among European traders.

0Horizon   March 16, 2020  

Bancor is one of those altcoins that burned its holders mercilessly in 2018 when the infamous crypto winter was in full swing. Presently, it is priced at around $0.24, which is 98% lower than its all-time high of $10.3. I am so relieved that I got involved in the crypto space only this year, though I have missed out on a bull run. If I was holding BNT back in 2018, I would have already aged by 50 years.

LTCational   January 25, 2020  

This week, Bancor has followed in the footsteps of Bitcoin and pushed away from the previous resistance to begin the gradual trip to the upside. The coin had three significant price spikes which were followed by a consolidation that lasted for a day or so, and then another spike. Now Bancor is in yet another consolidation which lasts slightly longer than the previous ones. I think that Bancor will hit $0,3 by the end of the year.

Tifozzio   December 2, 2019  

Bancor (BNT) has good fundamentals which are based around the marketplace that grants extra liquidity to various digital assets. Although Bancor's ROI hasn't been particularly impressive, in fact, it's -90,72% as of now, this coin has a lot of upside potential for a crypto that is on the wrong side of Top 100. I predict that it will increase in value by at least 15% by the end of the year, so I have allocated 5% of my trading portfolio for this coin.

Altman   September 19, 2019  

If you look at the situation in the time interval, then the bancor tokens have a huge advantage over many others, when there will be a massive cleaning of under-projects with their tokens on the market, then the bancor will remain in place and will only strengthen its position as a working and developing project that will only give strength and value bnt.

Lexx   February 1, 2019  

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Bancor is a decentralized liquidity network allowing every integrated token to be instantly converted for any other. The Bancor Network provides an on-chain, fully decentralized solution for conversions between tokens in the network, through a low-cost, autonomous and adjustable liquidity mechanism....

Bancor (BNT) price change (24h)

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