Aeternity Reviews & Comments 2021

Aeternity has been nothing but red since July. Even though the coin is backed by a good product and a strong team, the price of AE wasn't impressive at all. Over the last seven days, the coin lost 9.6% of its value, and it is just a continuation of a trend that has been lingering for months. I got this crypto at a bad time and now I have no idea how to get rid of it.

Ellie23234   February 6, 2020  

AE has a lot going for it. It has the ability to stake coins, and each user that owns any AE can participate in governance. This is true decentralized democracy because users around the world can make an impact on what happens with this project. It's imperative for more blockchain projects to allow voting from the community rather than keeping it locked to developers- such as Ethereum.

Nikki   March 31, 2019  

AE is looking great on the monthly chart. It's been fairly quiet as many other alts have popped off. AE is scheduled for a major leg up any day now. I've allocated a large portion of my bags to AE because I think it's about to see a healthy cycle.

Calvin   March 14, 2019  

Aeternity has promised a lot. They claim to have a blockchain with unmatched efficiency, but in what regard? When can we expect the next game changing announcement for the team? I understand that the blockchain itself is governed by those who are vested in the project, but ultimately what does this do for anyone?

Michael   February 28, 2019  

By the way, aeternity is a stylized anglicised Latin word 'aeternitas', that is, 'eternity'. No matter what happens, but the fashion for Latin names will always remain.

Olson   December 24, 2018  

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Aeternity is a new blockchain technology, designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, transparent governance and global scalability. Aeternity is governed by its stakeholders, meaning that miners, token-holders and others with a stake in the blockchain have the ability to make decisions together on pr...

Aeternity (AE) price change (24h)

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