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Symbol MIOTA
Nature Coin
Brief The idea behind IOTA is to create a payment technology for the emerging IoT (Internet of Things) markets. This cryptocurrency was created on a distributed ledger algorithm.
Last updated: Thursday, December 5, 2019 5:59:03PM UTC
Current price, USD: 0.200
Current price, BTC: 0.0000271
Market capitalization, USD: 554 965 520
Available supply: 2 779 530 283 MIOTA
Volume 24 hours, USD: 6 457 044
Mineable No

IOTA general information

General MIOTA facts, technical details and general information about IOTA crypto currency

The idea behind IOTA is to create a payment technology for the emerging IoT (Internet of Things) markets. This cryptocurrency was created on a distributed ledger algorithm called “The Tangle”. IOTA has a lot of advantages: transactions are cost free, confirmation is fast, scalability is unlimited, and its potential usage is huge (though its machine-to-machine aspect can also put off some investors). The cryptocurrency started trading in June 2017 and has gone 446% up since then with info of its latest partnership with Microsoft acting as price rally trigger. 

Historical data for IOTA

We list daily IOTA historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Nov 26 0.209 0.207 0.213 592 613 275
Nov 27 0.212 0.205 0.214 594 479 022
Nov 28 0.217 0.215 0.222 604 829 554
Nov 29 0.219 0.214 0.22 612 546 432
Nov 30 0.219 0.206 0.219 584 558 791
Dec 01 0.210 0.201 0.21 574 295 366
Dec 02 0.206 0.2 0.211 574 942 429
Dec 03 0.208 0.201 0.208 567 723 945
Dec 04 0.199 0.197 0.206 551 665 647
Dec 05 0.199 0.198 0.204 554 965 520

MIOTA/USD Exchange Rates

MIOTA to USD price chart — 7 days

MIOTA to USD price chart — 30 days

MIOTA to USD price chart — 60 days

MIOTA to USD price chart — 6 months


IOTA (MIOTA) price change (24h)

MIOTA price change 24 hours -1.87%
MIOTA price change 7 days -9.06%
IOTA Price Prediction

IOTA Comments & Reviews

Commenting to the person below. Here’s your pump. A direct use case and partnership with Jaguar/Landrover. I was skeptical of IOTA at first, but this announcement really seals the deal. Jaguar/LandRover said specifically that they would reward courteous drivers with IOTA within the onboard wallet system. This is a huge win for crypto adoption overall, but even bigger for IOTA and IOTA holders. It also drives up the awareness of other IoT blockchain companies, which means they will increase in value as this new trend sparks. It’s important to find a competitor of IOTA for a hedge in volatile moments like this.

Johhhnnyyyy   August 31, 2019  

I’m still holding out for a big pump on IOTA. I think they are the most overlooked project in the entire top 20 chart and they have amazing potential for the next 2-5 years. They are at the forefront for IOT technology and we all know that it’s the future. IoT will dominate the landscape shortly so it only makes sense to get on board projects like IOTA who have first mover advantage. Everything else is just patience at this point.

Eric   April 21, 2019  

IOTA is a really cool project, but they lack the recognition outside of the blockchain space. Most projects have been busy gaining exposure through gimmicks like LTC putting their logo at a UFC fight. IOTA is just another project to most because they don’t put any effort into driving awareness. I can’t wait until everyone knows about IOTA, and since I’ve been in since before it was listed on Bittrex, I can say that i’ve been in this community forever.

Trevor   April 14, 2019  

IOTA has seen a significant jump in gains. In the last few weeks, it's rallied further than most large cap coins, and this has been because of it's additions to payment apps. IOTA needs to continue this trend to regain its top 10 spot on CMC, and this is critical for investors to stay aware of it. IOTA will see mega gains within the next few months as crypto wakes up from its long and harsh winter.

Mike   March 25, 2019  

The hits keep coming with IOTA. The IoT will never be the same after IOTA. It's disruptive technology will be the first tangle project to make a real difference. Cars, home appliances, phones everything will have a backround with Tangle technology in the next 5-10 years. Every one thinks blockchain will be the technology that wins but actually the winner will be the Tangle.

Alex   March 8, 2019  

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