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Symbol MAID
Nature Token
Brief MaidSafe aim is to provide privacy, security and freedom to everyone on the planet. This has been our unwavering ambition since we started on this journey in 2006, and it remains our driving force today.
Last updated: Thursday, December 5, 2019 6:57:00PM UTC
Current price, USD: 0.111
Current price, BTC: 0.0000151
Market capitalization, USD: 50 416 034
Available supply: 452 552 412 MAID
Volume 24 hours, USD: 285 438
Mineable No

MaidSafeCoin general information

General MAID facts, technical details and general information about MaidSafeCoin crypto currency

MaidSafe's aim is to provide privacy, security and freedom to everyone on the planet. This has been our unwavering ambition since we started on this journey in 2006, and it remains our driving force today.

Online data has become so insecure and data thefts so commonplace that our trust in companies securing our data is almost entirely eroded. More than 2.5 billion personal data records were stolen in 2017. A new way of managing data is required, and MaidSafe combines several features that provide a level of security not possible using existing methods.

Data security not only allows us to keep our credit card details safe, or our medical records secure, but also brings us privacy. Privacy is misunderstood by many.

It’s not simply about protecting secrets or even hiding the things that we shouldn’t be doing. Privacy is simply protecting your ability to choose which personal thoughts, communications and actions you want to share with others. Without privacy, one's ability to communicate, explore, act or even think freely is restrained. We need privacy to enable creativity, and to allow new ideas and forms of expression to flourish.

Historical data for MaidSafeCoin

We list daily MaidSafeCoin historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Nov 26 0.109 0.109 0.111 49 784 312
Nov 27 0.106 0.104 0.119 53 928 798
Nov 28 0.120 0.118 0.122 53 615 347
Nov 29 0.119 0.119 0.125 56 410 891
Nov 30 0.125 0.121 0.126 55 426 435
Dec 01 0.122 0.118 0.122 54 768 880
Dec 02 0.120 0.119 0.124 56 059 696
Dec 03 0.125 0.122 0.125 55 963 354
Dec 04 0.120 0.117 0.122 53 579 348
Dec 05 0.119 0.111 0.119 50 416 034

MAID/USD Exchange Rates

MAID to USD price chart — 7 days

MAID to USD price chart — 30 days

MAID to USD price chart — 60 days

MAID to USD price chart — 6 months


MaidSafeCoin (MAID) price change (24h)

MAID price change 24 hours -8.07%
MAID price change 7 days -7.68%
MaidSafeCoin Price Prediction

MaidSafeCoin Comments & Reviews

I must tell you that MAID is a real rollercoaster coin. Just take a look at its price action. Over the last six months, MAID has been breaking the resistance at $0,24 twice and then dipping to $0,16 or even lower only to go back up again. What a great coin for swing trading! I like it so much that I even had to register an account on HitBTC in order to be able to trade it in a pair with Bitcoin.

ALT Holder   October 28, 2019  

What is Maidsafe even do? All I know is I listened to my latest TA call and now I'm already up 20% on this coin. These are special days that all of us wait for. We've been waiting over a year through hard times just to see historical moments like this. Congrats to everyone that was here all this time. I'm happy to be on board with MAID, and I'll hold to see the real profits.

Leo   April 3, 2019  

Maidsafe is so much more capable than Golem but Sia is a very good competitor. I think we will see very soon who wins between MAID and SIA. These are two very good decentralized cloud projects and they may both end up working together in the future. This is something only time will tell. I think placing a bet on both is the smart thing to do because they both are already gaining high value partnerships. Golem on the other hand is a sinking ship.

Roberto   March 2, 2019  

At its core, MaidSafe is similar to Sia - both there and there are decentralized distributed storage, and the golem has decentralized calculations. The calculations are somehow not at all like storage...

attHegaTe   January 9, 2019  

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