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Symbol DCR
Nature Coin
Brief Decred is an altcoin quite like Bitcoin. However, dissimilar to other altcoins, the prime focus of this crypto coin revolves around community input, open governance and sustainable financing and development.
Last updated: Monday, October 14, 2019 5:56:02AM UTC
Current price, USD: 15.999
Current price, BTC: 0.0019160
Market capitalization, USD: 168 400 193
Available supply: 10 525 670 DCR
Volume 24 hours, USD: 7 108 774
Mineable Yes

Decred general information

General DCR facts, technical details and general information about Decred crypto currency

Officially launched in February 2016, Decred is an altcoin quite like Bitcoin. However, dissimilar to other altcoins, the prime focus of this crypto coin revolves around community input, open governance and sustainable financing and development.

The cryptocoin makes use of a hybridized consensus system that helps in creating a balance between users and miners, thus enabling the most powerful altcoin or crypto coin after Bitcoin.

It also takes advantage of a hybrid proof-of-work and proof-of-stake mining system so that a small group cannot take control of the flow of transactions or changes made to it, without the community’s consent.

Historical data for Decred

We list daily Decred historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Oct 05 17.011 16.612 17.265 180 664 472
Oct 06 17.269 16.833 17.27 177 651 259
Oct 07 16.851 16.76 17.492 181 520 984
Oct 08 17.319 16.911 17.337 179 572 384
Oct 09 17.015 16.894 17.375 181 256 557
Oct 10 17.204 16.813 17.231 176 706 276
Oct 11 16.775 16.32 16.944 171 609 381
Oct 12 16.331 16.11 16.452 170 324 704
Oct 13 16.258 16.096 16.412 169 593 025
Oct 14 16.335 15.999 16.335 168 400 193

DCR/USD Exchange Rates

DCR to USD price chart — 7 days

DCR to USD price chart — 30 days

DCR to USD price chart — 60 days

DCR to USD price chart — 6 months


Decred (DCR) price change (24h)

DCR price change 24 hours -1.65%
DCR price change 7 days -5.09%
Decred Price Prediction

I could argue that Decred is one of the best forks of Bitcoin, mainly due to its unique consensus voting mechanism. It has other cool feats, like the cross-platform wallet and smart contracts, but the consensus vote is still the biggest deal. What's interesting about DCR is that it managed to reach its all-time high of January 2018 for the second time in May 2018, when all other altcoins had been at their very bottom. With an ROI of 1,665.81%, Decred still has plenty of upside potential.

ChocoBit   October 4, 2019  

DCR has lasted this long because it puts its sole focus on the community that it created. This was already a winning move because projects can’t exist without the backing of a community. There’s no greater folly then not paying attention to the needs of your customer/followers, so it’s a genius move by the devs over at DCR. Many other projects lack the foresight to implement truly democratic protocols into their blockchains, but DCR has already done this with great success.

Taylor   May 5, 2019  

Decred has been in the market for so long, but I think this lends them a lot of experience over other new projects in the space. DCR is constantly making genuine updates that benefit the community, not just the price of their coin. Most projects nowadays only cater to pump kids that want their new coin to do a 2x in a span of 24 hours. It’s time we see more projects like DCR that put real innovation of price speculation. Also, DCR is looking very healthy on the 1-week chart, as they’ve been holding steady for a significant amount of time. Some patience will surely pay off if you’re still hanging onto DCR.

Charles   April 21, 2019  

Currently, Decred is holding a big voting process for their new governance rules. This is going to affect a lot regarding how we (as users) interact with the Decred blockchain. I really think this will translate in a rise in price as the community votes for issues that are positive price movers. If you're in the Decred community don't forget to vote!

Chelsea   March 29, 2019  

I'm really interested in this project. Can anyone help me understand it better? I understand it's an autonomous digital currency, but what does it actually do? Has anyone here used it to buy anything yet?

Ken   February 26, 2019  

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