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Symbol BTCP
Nature Coin
Brief Bitcoin Private uses the same privacy technology as ZClassic (zk-snarks). This means payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient and other transactional metadata remain unidentifiable.
Last updated: Friday, November 22, 2019 10:00:03AM UTC
Current price, USD: 0.113
Current price, BTC: 0.0000152
Market capitalization, USD: 538 595
Available supply: 4 769 046 BTCP
Volume 24 hours, USD: 1 469
Mineable Yes

Bitcoin Private general information

General BTCP facts, technical details and general information about Bitcoin Private crypto currency

Bitcoin Private uses the same privacy technology as ZClassic (zk-snarks). This means payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient and other transactional metadata remain unidentifiable.

Just like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Private supports peer-to-peer transactions without an intermediary. These transactions are verified by network nodes through the use of cryptography and recorded in a public ledger.

Unlike Bitcoin, Bitcoin Private supports a slightly increased block size while being more anonymous and secure than any existing Bitcoin-based currency without sacrificing transaction speeds.

Historical data for Bitcoin Private

We list daily Bitcoin Private historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Nov 13 0.165 0.156 0.173 770 788
Nov 14 0.162 0.144 0.163 739 801
Nov 15 0.155 0.146 0.158 694 797
Nov 16 0.146 0.124 0.149 696 432
Nov 17 0.137 0.13 0.147 618 297
Nov 18 0.133 0.122 0.146 697 506
Nov 19 0.146 0.114 0.148 587 060
Nov 20 0.126 0.12 0.133 570 404
Nov 21 0.120 0.113 0.122 561 462
Nov 22 0.121 0.113 0.124 538 595

BTCP/USD Exchange Rates

BTCP to USD price chart — 7 days

BTCP to USD price chart — 30 days

BTCP to USD price chart — 60 days

BTCP to USD price chart — 6 months

Bitcoin Private

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) price change (24h)

BTCP price change 24 hours -4.8041%
BTCP price change 7 days -26.8895%
Bitcoin Private Price Prediction

Bitcoin Private is a shining example of how a good fundamental idea can get spoiled by the sub-par execution. In theory, BTCP could have been the real improved version of Bitcoin with its zk-SNARKS, bigger block size, and swifter block formation. However, like with a plethora of other cryptocurrency projects, a good concept doesn't always translate into commercial success. In the case of BTCP, it actually means failure as the coin has nothing to show for with $2000 of daily trading volume.

Miner Brad   November 16, 2019  

I have been checking the price forecasts for Bitcoin Private and all of them claim that the price of BTCP will increase by as much as 600% over the course of a year. In all candor, I don't know how they come up with these numbers, but I can hardly perceive them as viable after analyzing the coin's historical data. It's not particularly volatile and doesn't display steady gains over a prolonged period of time. Besides, it doesn't have some groundbreaking fundamental to provide for sustainable growth.

PaulqQQ   October 2, 2019  

I am convinced that the sole purpose of Bitcoin Private was to partake in two pump-and-dump schemes, which happened right around the time of its launch in April 2018, and then a couple of months later. After that, BTCP went into a lingering correction that lasts even now. No wonder that this cryptocurrency is performing so poorly since it has a pathetic daily trading volume of $7,000, recorded on Graviex, a backwater exchange with a daily volume of $90,000.

Yosemite Sam   September 17, 2019  

Bitcoin private is the hardfork of bitcoin and zclassic. Bitcoin private is intended have the same private technology as zclassic. That signifies that the payments will be published on the public blockchain, but the sender, receiver and the transaction amount will be private. Moreover, Bitcoin private transaction speed is expected to be 4-6 times faster and the commission is much lower than that of BTC.

felps   February 13, 2019  

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