Grand Capital Reviews & Comments 2020

Grand Capital has been in the brokerage business for 12 years. Over that period of time, it has proven to be a reliable and responsible provider of financial services. I am a die-hard cryptocurrency trader who loves crypto for the thrill that is born out of its volatility. However, I don't place a lot of trust in numerous crypto exchanges which are the prime target for hackers. Besides, I love MetaTrader 4, so when Grand Capital introduced crypto along with the ECN technology, I immediately jumped on board. Although there are only 18 pairs, I find it sufficient mainly because I can trade BTC against fiat.

0lleLuk0ye   March 10, 2020  

I am currently going through a nightmare with this broker. First they promise to give 40% bonus on each deposit and once you deposit money into your account the sing a different song. Secondly when I place orders the temper with my entry prices to ensure no profit to me at all. Recently more than 200 points were added to my entry price when I made a bit stop order and a trade of 100 pips I made less than 20 dollars when I was expecting more than 250 dollars.

Abraham   March 4, 2020  

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